You are more attractive to a man when you don’t “need” him

Actress Shaffy Bello has insisted on the need for women to “bring something to the table” in any relationship or marriage.

In a chat with media girl Stephanie Coker, Bello opined that a woman becomes even more attractive when she doesn’t need her man to do everything for her.

In her words;

”I would tell women to never say to a man ‘what do you mean?’ What do I bring to the table?’. I’m not one of those. I think we should both ask ourselves what we are bringing to the table. If he’s bringing something to the table, what are you bringing to the table? I don’t want to be held responsible if I’m a man. I don’t want to marry a liability. In fact, you’re even more attractive when you don’t need it. When you don’t need me, you are more attractive. You’re just needy, that’s not attractive”


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