“For the Love of Country”: Tulsi Gabbard is free from the Democratic Party, which no longer recognizes her

“For the Love of Country”: Tulsi Gabbard is free from the Democratic Party, which no longer recognizes her

Tulsi Gabbard feels like a liberated woman. She is free from a political party that she left almost two years ago and which no longer recognizes her. During her conversation with CBN News, she expressed her opinion, which often doesn't go over well in certain circles in Washington, DC. She is a free thinker and the establishment doesn't like free thinkers or a free thinking society.

“You’re exactly right,” Gabbard said in an exclusive interview with CBN News. “I have experienced this throughout my time in national politics, especially. Independent thinkers, common sense people, independent free thinkers are not welcome in Washington.”

This theme plays out in her new book: For the Love of Country: Leave the Democratic Party behind. She says her former party's elites are a direct threat to our constitution.

“Abuse of Power” and Threats to American Liberty

“The abuse of power that we are currently witnessing by the Democratic elite, increasingly in increasingly brazen ways, represents a direct threat to our fundamental freedoms, our democracy and the rule of law,” she said.

Enter Donald Trump. His critics say he is a threat to democracy and ready to lock up his political opponents. Advocates say the talks are pretty rich considering it's Joe Biden's Justice Department that wants to jail Biden's primary opponent in this year's presidential election.

“Donald Trump and what they are doing to him is the most public abuse of the Justice Department,” Gabbard said.

But Gabbard says it's not just about the former president, but also about everyday Americans. Examples include the Justice Department's crackdown on pro-life protesters, parents at school board meetings, and those challenging the government's COVID procedures.

“Why are they unwilling to grant freedom of speech to various health professionals who challenge the government’s narrative on this issue?” cries Gabbard.

Wars and the DC Establishment

This free-spirited spirit also led her to challenge her former party and the D.C. establishment over its approach to foreign wars. She has said she is not an isolationist or an interventionist, but rather a realist.

“Their emotional, knee-jerk reaction is, 'We just need to drop some bombs, or we need to punish this bad guy, or we need to overthrow this dictator of this country,'” Gabbard tells CBN News. “So short-sighted, and as we have seen over the last 20-plus years, it happens so often that it puts us in a situation where it undermines our own national security interests and costs countless lives and American tax dollars.”

Billions of taxpayers' money were spent on the defense of Ukraine and Israel. Is there a difference between the two countries?

“Yes, there is a very clear difference,” says Gabbard emphatically. “There is a very real difference…Putin was wrong when he invaded Ukraine. There is no doubt about that. There is a lot of historical context that contributed to this, but the bottom line is that we should have had a president who would have invaded very early and negotiated a peaceful end to this war as quickly as possible to save lives and save American tax dollars .”

“If you look at what is happening in the war between Israel and Hamas, and it is a war between Israel and Hamas, a radical Islamist terrorist group, this is just the latest front in this war that has been going on for a very long time between “Radical Islamist terrorist groups that do it militarily and ideologically,” she says. “It’s in our best interest.”

Subverted by elitists and their allies

When Gabbard abandoned the elitist reservation (not that she ever invoked it), she quickly encountered resistance. In 2019, Hillary Clinton hinted that the Russians were grooming her to run for president. Gabbard says that vilifying freethinkers is part of the elitist agenda.

When the Hawaii congresswoman actually ran for president this year and scored a good debate night, she discovered that her Google Ads account had been mysteriously suspended.

“It's not just the Democratic elites, the elected leaders, who are in power, but also their partners in Big Tech and companies like Google. It's their partners in the mainstream media… Their accumulated powers and their arrangements are all working.” They want power for a specific goal.

Gods, Democrats and “Gender-Affirming” “Child Abuse”

Through it all, Gabbard relied on her Hindu faith, which she takes very seriously. “My desire is first and foremost to please God. Of course, Hinduism and Christianity see God in very different ways,” she admits. “I guess I just want to point out that Hinduism is probably one of the most misunderstood religions…For me it's more about a spiritual practice.”

When it comes to the God of the Bible, Democrats seem to be moving further and further away. Gabbard writes a lot on this topic. When asked whether her former party had moved away from God and objective truth, she did not hesitate. “Yes,” she says directly. To illustrate this, she talks about how Democrats are intentionally blurring the lines between two genders and supporting what they call “gender-affirming care.”

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“They themselves remove these barriers in our society so that the truth then becomes what they believe is right and put themselves in the position to try to be God.”

When asked whether this so-called “gender-affirming care” was a form of child abuse, she didn’t sugarcoat it. “It's clearly a form of child abuse,” Gabbard told CBN News. “They are aimed at the most vulnerable people in our country, who do not have the ability to make clear decisions for themselves like an adult.”

Free thought and the 2024 elections

Their message of common sense and free thinking will be on display this 2024 campaign season. She will be constantly on the move in key battleground states, and her two political action committees will give her the ability to fund certain like-minded candidates.

Her Super PAC will also eventually hit the airwaves with her unique, independent-minded message. But what about other plans? Could he be Donald Trump's vice presidential running mate? Your name is out there.

“Now that I'm able to reach and engage with people who may have never thought about voting for a Republican or Donald Trump, there's an opportunity here to remind people of our responsibilities as citizens remember.” Our country first.

When it comes to Tulsi Gabbard, she wants to make it clear that the party doesn't come first. It has always been America first.

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