Former ICE director calls for “historic deportations” if Trump is re-elected

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. – A former immigration official during the Trump administration said there must be “historic deportations” if Donald Trump is re-elected president in 2024, declaring there is “no other option” during a recent panel discussion focused on the crisis. at the southern border.

Tom Homan, the former director of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, spoke on a panel titled “Trump's Wall vs. Biden's Gaps” during the 2024 Conservative Political Action Conference. The panel also featured investigative reporter Sara Carter and US House Committee on Homeland Security Chairman President Mark Green, with field reporter Julio Rosas serving as the moderator.

During the discussion, Homan emphasized that there are “consequences” for entering the country illegally and that there must be “historic deportations”, claiming that there is “no other option”.

The former immigration official added that the only option other than deportation is to allow illegal immigrants to stay, and if that happens, Homan warned that the United States will “never fix the border.”

Homan recounted how he worked for six presidents during his career, including former President Barack Obama, stating that each president took steps to secure the border. He also praised the Trump administration's border policies, calling them “unprecedented.”

“Biden is the first president to take office with an unsecured border on purpose,” the former ICE director claimed.

Some of the current Human issues related to the current administration's border policies have included an increase in sexual violence against migrants.

In November, the international non-governmental organization Doctors Without Borders highlighted an increase in sexual violence affecting migrants traveling from Latin America to the United States. The group released a statement revealing that it treated 397 victims who survived sexual assault when they crossed into Panama.

Ninety-five percent of sexual assault victims were female, according to the group, which noted it treated 107 sexual assault survivors in the month of October.

In addition to an increase in sexual violence, Homan expressed concerns about migrants dying at the US-Mexico border and Americans dying from fentanyl while crossing the border. According to data of US Customs and Border Protection, the agency and Office of Field Operations seized 27,000 pounds of fentanyl in 2023.

Homan blamed the Biden administration's border policies for migrant deaths and Americans dying from fentanyl. The former ICE director believes the border policies under the Trump administration have “saved lives,” and he called for the former president to be re-elected in 2024 to “save this great nation.”


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