Chinese government takes action against leading Christian prayer app and bans its download

Chinese government takes action against leading Christian prayer app and bans its download

The Bible is not safe in China. In fact, even Christian apps are under scrutiny.

The latest app to take on this challenge is, a platform full of faith-based content, daily Bible reading plans, and spiritual development programs. According to a press release issued this week, the app will be removed from the Apple App Store in mainland China.

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The removal from the App Store in the communist country falls under the purview of the “Measures for the Management of Religious Information Services on the Internet,” which came into force in March 2022.

According to the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, an independent agency of the U.S. government that monitors human rights in China, the restrictions introduced in 2022 require government-issued authorization to publish religious content and a total ban on online transmission religious ceremonies. Events and church services.

The app removal will occur before the National Day of Prayer on May 2nd.

“Since we founded, we have become accustomed to positive relations with China,” said co-founder Michael Lynn. “President Xi [Jinping] has enabled the printing of nearly 150 million Bibles per year, and [former] president [Donald] Trump made Bibles exempt from Chinese tariffs.”

Steve Gatena, founder and CEO of, said in the press release that he and his team are “exploring alternative ways to deliver our content and services to people in mainland China.”

“As we work toward a solution,” he said, “I would like to personally invite President Xi Jinping to attend this year’s National Day of Prayer event in Washington, DC.”

CBN News has reached out to and will update this story with any statements from the ministry.

The Chinese government is no stranger to censorship.

The Chinese Communist Party under Xi's regime is reportedly even rewriting scripture and calling Jesus a “sinner.”

According to The Voice of the Martyrs, a watchdog that monitors the persecution of Christians around the world, the CCP announced in 2019 that it would begin the process of “updating.”[ing] the Bible to 'keep up with the times'.”

“The revisions include the addition of 'socialist core values' and the deletion of passages that do not reflect communist beliefs,” VOM said. “In a textbook for high school students published in September 2020, the authors included a passage from John 8 as revised in their new version.”

Last year, CBN News reported, Chinese officials tested an app that would require citizens to pre-register before attending religious services.

“This spring in Henan Province they launched an app to get permission to attend religious services of any kind,” said VOM’s Todd Nettleton. “That means you have to have the app on your phone.”

“To attend a religious gathering, you must register in advance, give the Chinese government all your details, tell them who you are, where you live, your ID details, etc.,” he added.

You can read more about this here.

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