Governor Uzodinma launches 'Golden Dawn Exercise III' in Imo ahead of Christmas

Zero drug use in Imo: Uzodinma's aides call on residents

Chief Ezechukwu Bonna, Special Adviser to Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State on Monitoring of Narcotics and Illicit Substances, has advised Imo residents to work towards eradicating drugs in the state.

Obona gave this advice while celebrating his birthday in Owerri, the Imo state capital, on Saturday.

He advised against ingesting a dangerous drug called Kush, which is made from human bones and chemicals, against sniffing human urine or corpses, and against drug trafficking.

“Let us strive to resist the temptation to get involved in the consumption and trafficking of illegal drugs, especially the dangerous trend originating from Sierra Leone called KUSH, a hard drug made from human bones and chemicals.

“On this day of my birth, I hope and pray that we will all work together to combat the menace of drug abuse, which has now reached epidemic levels.

“The fight starts at home, and we must all work together to help our God-sent governor achieve his true goal of a drug-free state. , leading to a crime-free state,” he said.

He said there was little to no violent crime over the Christmas period, a sign that the state government was winning the fight against insecurity, which is usually fueled by drug abuse. .

“If the drug demand rate is completely reduced, we will completely win the war,” he said.


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