Yul Edoche says Nollywood producers value emotion

Yul Edoche says Nollywood producers value emotion

Nollywood actor Yul Edoche has criticized some movie producers and filmmakers for casting prospective actors based on their emotions rather than their ability.

Speaking at the Kogi Blazing Mic Talent Hunt in Lokoja organized by Majesty International Academy in collaboration with Black Wall Street on Saturday, Edochie expressed concern over the development.

Edochie claimed that some producers do not provide honest feedback and mislead actors who perform poorly.

He shared his personal experience of facing rejection in 2005 but using it as motivation to improve, and emphasized the importance of truth in talent development.

“There is currently a lack of good actors because some Nollywood producers and filmmakers are not honest about future talent,” Edochie said.

“I insist on honesty in my work. Although I have faced rejection and discouraged myself in the past, I have worked hard to get to where I am today. Actors from now on will be self-centered. We need to invest in improvement.”

Mr. Edoche pointed out that corruption is rampant within the industry, leading to substandard production. He stressed that featuring artists solely based on their influence rather than their performance is detrimental to the growth of Nollywood, vowing to maintain high standards in his own work as well.

“I am strict when it comes to this job. If your performance is not good, I will not hesitate to replace you. We need to prioritize what is best for the Nollywood industry. Influence It is unhealthy to feature artists who are not selling well because of this. This practice must end if our industry is to compete globally,” Edoche stressed.

Edoche encouraged budding artistes and urged them to identify their strengths to succeed in the industry.

Veteran actor, Zied Kosoko, said at the event that the Nollywood industry is Nigeria’s largest employer of workers.

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