Your participation may unintentionally result in bloodshed - Ambazonian Fighters warn Jay Jay Okocha, Daniel Amokachi not to honour Eto?o?s Invitation to Cameroon

Your participation may unintentionally result in bloodshed

Cameroonian separatist group, the Combatants for the Restoration of the Provisional Government of Ambazonia, has warned former Nigerian national football captain Austin Jay Jay Okocha, Daniel Amokachi and other former Super Eagles stars, urging them not to honor the president of the Federation Cameroonian Football, Samuel Eto ‘o’s invitation to a ceremonial tournament in Victoria City, Cameroon.

The group warned that invited players risk their lives if they attend.

Since 2017, Ambazonian rebels have been in armed conflict with the Cameroonian military in what is known as the Anglophone Crisis, establishing a government in exile and capturing some territories. No country has recognized the existence of Ambazonia as of 2023.

Comrade Chris Anon, who claims to lead the US-based Interim Government of Ambazonia, made the warning on Sunday, November 26th.

Eto’o envisioned the tournament as a platform to foster relationships and promote the development of football in Cameroon.

However, Ambazonia separatists vehemently denounced the event, labeling it a mockery of the Ambazonian people and issuing a stern directive for a total lockdown of Victoria city and Fako county on the specified date.

The separatist group warned civilians to stay at home during the lockdown, threatening lethal consequences for any violation of the order.

The situation raises concerns about the potential impact on diplomatic and sporting relations between the two nations.

Parts of the voicemail according to the Daily Post stated;

“The Ambazonia Restoration Fighters control Victoria and the entire county and are committed to ensuring the lockdown. Our determination to safeguard the integrity of Ambazonia’s struggle for independence will not be deterred. We show no mercy to anyone who tries to disregard the lockdown.

“It is essential to emphasize the seriousness of the situation and warn against actions that could be misinterpreted as alignment with any form of propaganda.

“The football game proposed by Samuel Eto’o is very controversial; It is a misguided and insensitive initiative.

“This decision to involve Nigeria’s international players is deeply concerning.

“The timing and location of the tournament raise suspicions.

“We seriously and strongly warn Jay Jay Okocha, Daniel Amokachi and others who are promoting and preparing to participate in the tournament to reconsider their involvement as their participation may unintentionally result in bloodshed.

“We cannot help but question Samuel Eto’o’s decision to organize this tournament in Victoria, a territory of Ambazonia that has been marked by war for more than seven years, in which 30,000 Ambazonians were killed.

“This raises legitimate concerns about the potential exploitation of the situation for purposes that are not in the best interests of Victoria and Ambazonia generally.”


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