'Your mistakes could ruin the country' Professor Pate warns journalists

'Your mistakes could ruin the country' Professor Pate warns journalists

Journalists have been warned to be careful what they write as one careless word can spell disaster for the entire country.

Professor of Mass Communication, Umar Pate, made this point as a guest speaker at the awards ceremony in Yola on Saturday, stressing that journalists must always check the facts before going to report.

Umar Pate, current vice-chancellor of the Federal University of Cachar, said that while an engineer's mistake can lead to the collapse of a building, a journalist's mistake can lead to the collapse of an entire society.

Pate presented his paper entitled “Media, Social Media and National Security: Balancing the Free Flow of Information and Responsible Journalism in Nigeria” at the TGNews Awards 2024, an awards ceremony organized by the online news media. I pointed this out in my presentation.

Professor Pate argued that fake news and unbalanced news were already causing a lot of harm, adding that the situation was made worse by the advent of social media, which had led to the rise of “emergency journalists”.

He said: “Emergency journalism is the source of many security issues. Social media platforms allow anyone with a mobile phone and N100 data to post material they receive, regardless of the nature, quality or source of the material. The arrival made a bad situation even worse.

“The dangerous messages we post on Facebook are causing crises online and offline, and we are continuously fighting against such issues. Misinformation harms public psychology and prevents avoidable conflict.” produces.”

He suggested that Nigeria as a country needs to fundamentally address quack journalism and the careless promotion of false news.

Governor Ahmadu Fintiri, former Governor Jibrilla Bindo, Nigeria's first female Admiral Mustapha, former Secretary to the Federal Government, Jamila Marafa, Archbishop of the Lutheran Church of Nigeria (retd.), LCCN, Moussa Filibus (who also serves as president) of the Lutheran World Federation. ), some politicians and businessmen, shoemakers and groundnut sellers were also included in the TGNews Awards 2024 honors.

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