“You have been dancing nak3d in a public square, trying to get the attention of whoever wants to listen”

“You have been dancing nak3d in a public square, trying to get the attention of whoever wants to listen”

The Vice President of Nigeria, Kashim Shettima, has responded to comments made by the Labor Party presidential candidate in the 2023 general elections, Mr. Peter Obi, on the N15.5 billion proposal budgeted by the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA ) to build a new official VP residence.

FCT Minister, Nysom Wike, recently revealed that the government planned to use the funds for a “befitting residence” for the country’s vice president, which Obi criticized in a series of tweets on his X on Monday, calling him of “shocking and disheartening.” read here

Reacting to the criticism, Shettima on Tuesday, December 5, in a statement released by his press officer, Stanley Nkwocha, accused Obi of dancing “naked in the public square, trying to attract the attention of those who care to hear his falsehood and distorted views on waste.”

Shettima clarified that the proposed construction plan for the official residence of the Vice President, for which budgetary allocation was made in the 2024 budget by the FCT Administration, was awarded by the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

“It was not originated by the current administration. This, Mr Obi, you know, but you chose to make a fool of yourself in a bid to inflame a target group of Nigerians and, as always, score cheap political goals, compliments and accolades.

“Normally we would not have bothered to gratify Peter Obi with a response, especially when it is obvious that the Labor Party candidate is an unhealthy subject to post-election trauma. But it became necessary to correct the records.

“In his recent tirade against President Tinubu and his deputy, Vice President Kashim Shettima, Obi began another series of self-aggrandizement aimed at convincing Nigerians that he is the only person who has their interests at heart . But a clear shedding of the veil will deeply reveal a man who is still crying after his regrettable defeat in the 2023 presidential elections.

“For the record, unlike Nigeria's 'most brilliant, all-knowing and miraculous president but never had', Mr. Peter Obi, both President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Vice President Kashim Shettima, never claimed to know everything or exhibit something approaching perfection in their affairs. In fact, they have always submitted to their human nature, leaving perfection only to Almighty God.

“The project restarted in 2010 and funded by the Jonathan administration has been abandoned. Shocked by the sorry state of the incomplete building which has now been overrun by weeds and reptiles more than a decade after construction began about 13 years ago, the current FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike, felt that it would be a waste to allow a project of this type was initiated with public resources. the funds remain fallow; So, in his wisdom and without the Vice President's request, he decided to resurrect the building.

“We invite smarter Nigerians to properly check what should be considered a waste amidst Obi’s tantrums because the project has attracted the attention of government, given the current administration’s decision to complete abandoned vital projects.

“What is more wasteful and reckless than abandoning a building to rot and depreciate despite the amount that has been invested in it over the years?

“We remember that while Obi was governor of Anambra State, he insisted that contractors should return to site to complete abandoned projects, which he never considered as a waste. If he did this while employing Ndi Anambra’s “inherent wisdom and leadership” as governor, the question now is: why should the same action by the Tinubu administration now be called blue murder?

“Nigerians know that the issue of a suitable residence for the Vice President has been a recurring issue in Nigeria’s budget since 2007. It did not start today, the same for the residences of the Senate President and the Speaker of the House.

“The series of abandoned Federal Government projects spread across the country is a national shame from which the current administration took a bold step to save the country. This is why it has made it a priority for all abandoned projects to be completed before new ones are started, except for some on an exceptional basis, either due to the need for strategic alignment or economic importance.

“Comparing the amount budgeted for the vice president’s residence and the salaries paid to teachers is an analogy taken too far. This is the only government that has repeatedly made clear that the well-being of teachers is paramount and that the need to increase the education sector budget is a gradual process in the face of the daunting security challenges it has faced on the ground. This same government ordered that the salary arrears owed to both teaching and non-teaching staff at universities be paid immediately, despite the “no work, no pay” order, while negotiations for their well-being continue with a view to a salary package. in 2024.

“The introduction of a student loan scheme is also a masterstroke that aims to ensure that no one, regardless of their status, will be denied the right to a quality education.

“Considering the recent rate of inflation, which has become a global phenomenon to which Nigeria is not immune, budgetary provisions are estimates designed to advance funds to complete projects that impact the lives of the people. The fact that the amounts budgeted for various sectors are considered high is not unrelated to the inflationary trends that have been witnessed around the world. And since Obi has doubts about this, he might as well explain to Nigerians why, despite being a self-acclaimed billionaire, he and his ilk continue to import all manner of scrap metal including toothpicks to sell to Nigerians, all in a bid to build your NEXT business empire. flourish to the detriment of our currencies and our economy.

“Interestingly, it was under the Tinubu administration that Obi suddenly 'became a man', with a strident voice in the opposition camp.

“Your assertion that Nigerians need leaders willing to make sacrifices for the development of the nation smacks of hypocrisy of the highest order.

“It seems that the former governor of Anambra State has so soon forgotten the reports about the plethora of contracts he awarded in the twilight of his administration, including road contracts worth over N30 billion that he awarded in a record period of three weeks.

“Nigerians have also not forgotten the investigation of the Pandora Papers project, led by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), which linked Obi to a series of secret businesses and relationships that he kept secret, including businesses that he created and managed surreptitiously. on another continent.

“He later admitted that he did not declare these companies and funds because he did not know that he should declare assets or companies that he owns jointly with his family members or any other person, as provided by law.

“There is no other context in which to place Obi's sermon on waste other than the fact that he refused to swallow the bitter pills of reality. It is regrettable that since he was mercilessly defeated by President Tinubu, he and his army of social media cronies have continued to shamelessly unleash a campaign of slander against the President and now his administration.

“But despite Obi’s divisive rhetoric, Nigerians have since put a final seal on religious and ethnic politics so that the country can move forward against the wishes of certain people in Obi’s mold who have continued to fan the embers of division and falsehood just to create tension and reject vexatious narratives in the political system.

“President Tinubu and Vice President Shettima have left no stone unturned since they assumed office in an attempt to pull the country out of the economic and social quagmire it was enmeshed in.

“Under his supervision, within a period of seven months, Nigeria’s foreign policy process and international relations were strengthened with commendable results. They turned themselves into marketing chiefs to attract foreign direct investment, all in an attempt to reverse the country's economic fortunes forever. But people like Obi did not applaud these efforts for the first time.

“Still reeling from post-election trauma, the Labor Party candidate and his ilk are bent on toppling the Tinubu administration at all costs. We advise him and his fellow travelers in the opposition to accept defeat with honor and to put the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians first as the patriotic citizens they claim to be.

“Nigerians are not so gullible as to be deceived by statements that go against common sense. Our sincere advice to him is that he should join hands with the current administration in nation building instead of all these red herrings he is throwing.

“The vice president is a very busy man. He committed himself to serving Nigeria and helping President Bola Ahmed Tinubu achieve the set goals and objectives. As his attitude and professional skills show, Senator Kashim Shettima is a very serious leader. He doesn't like shady or false policies of manipulating statistics or mind games. Leadership, for him, is a serious business and not a circus show!”

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