Yobe woman demands justice for murder of housewife who was sleeping next to her husband

Yobe woman demands justice for murder of housewife who was sleeping next to her husband

A network of women-led civil society organizations in Yobe State has condemned the murder of a woman, Ammi Adamu Mamman, in Damaturu, the state capital.

The woman was murdered while sleeping next to her husband on January 4, 2024.

DAILY POST reports that her 43-year-old husband, Abubakar Musa, has been arrested by the police on suspicion of murder.

In a statement released on Sunday, Barrister Altin Ibrahim, chairman of the network, said women-led civil society organizations in the state are deeply troubled by the details surrounding the death of one of their members, the late volunteer Ammi Adamu. He suggested that. organization.

“The Women-led Civil Society Network in Yobe State supports the ongoing investigation initiated by security agencies in the state into the recent alleged murder of the late Ms. Ami Adamu Mamman.

“Women’s organizations in the state remain dedicated and vigilant while we call on the authorities to take all steps to ensure that the perpetrators of this act face the full wrath of the law,” she said. Stated.

The Chairperson noted that the incident had raised concerns about the safety and security of women in the home.

“When a woman sleeps in her own bed and sleeps with her husband, who in our society is considered to be the perpetrator, who is considered the roof of the family and the main protector of the family. But if women aren't safe, it's certainly a cause for serious concern.”

Mr. Altin called on all civil society organizations, as well as professional associations across the state and the Commonwealth, to advocate for justice in this matter.

She stressed the importance of bringing such atrocities to the fore in order to prevent further incidents and protect the rights and well-being of women in society.

“We are determined to continue drawing attention to this issue and continuing our advocacy until justice is fully served for the late Ami Adam Manman,” she declared.

Source: dailypost.ng

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