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A woman who ‘married’ a rag doll hosted a gender reveal party for her second rag doll child.

Meirivone Rocha Moraes, 37, recently announced that she and her ‘husband’ Marcelo are expecting their second child.

The couple, who already have a son called Marcelinho, revealed on Tiktok that they are expecting a girl – who will be called Marcela.

This comes after Meirivone from Brazil gave an update on her pregnancy earlier this month while having an ultrasound for her child. Meirivone said the baby will be born in December.

“I wanted it to be a boy because I heard that having a girl is very expensive and requires a lot more work,” said Meirivone. ‘But the baby will still be welcomed and very loved by me and her father.

‘Marcelo is very, very happy because he wanted a girl. He already has Marcelinho, who is our boy, so now a girl has made him very happy.’

The couple held the gender reveal at their home, surrounded by 40 family members and friends.

Meirivone added: ‘The party was good. There was chicken, pasta, salad and cake.

‘We even had personalized sweets with our initials, music, soft drinks and lots of guests, the event was attended by around 40 people. And the moment of revelation was really cool, the baby’s name will be Marcela.’

In early November, Meirivone shared photos of herself having an ultrasound of the girl.

In June, things became more sour when she claimed that her husband Marcelo had cheated on her for the second time.

After the alleged betrayal, Meirivone said the love rat was forced to sleep on the couch and she even took his ‘penis’ away.

She said: ‘I found out when my friend texted me one night saying he was cheating on me. So that night I got really sick and made him sleep on the couch.

And as punishment, Meirivone decided to highlight Marcelo’s vibrating penis.

Meirivone Rocha Moraes has already made headlines after ‘marrying’ a rag doll that her mother made for her because she was alone.

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