Why Kogi West supported Ododo, written by Orebiyi

Why Kogi West supported Ododo, written by Orebiyi

Former Kogi State House of Assembly member, Mr. Philip Olusesan Olebii, served as the Electoral Management Committee Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Governorship Campaign Council of Kogi State. Mr. Orebiyi also oversaw a grassroots liaison team that liaised with opposition members on behalf of APC candidates. Olebii, who belonged to the PDP until after the April gubernatorial primary election, asked why the people of Kogi West and Okun chose to vote for Ebira against his son, Senator Dino Melaye, Hon. He explained that he supported the next governor, Alhaji Usman Ododo, who is from his hometown. And Olinka Blaimo. He said this in an interaction with the Guardian in Lokoja.

What do you mean Okun is not ready to become governor?

Many people disagreed when I said Okun was not ready to be governor. Stability in a situation where my friend and brother, Leke Abegide, has already been elected and is returning to the House of Representatives from the same Yagba Federal Constituency where the Kogi West senator is for the first time after years of struggle. Considering his wit, he should have resigned from the governorship of Kaba/Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency. Meanwhile, the failure of the Kogi West leadership to settle on a single candidate showed that Mr. Okun was not ready. Okun was not ready. So we end up wasting our time supporting one candidate or the other and distributing our votes when the candidates can’t even sit down and decide. I lined up behind one candidate after receiving a signal from Kogi Central who was able to make an announcement. It means that the Ebira people are better prepared than us, even though they have shared the same minority status with the Okun people for many years. Before the PDP Senate primaries contested by Mr. Dino Melaye, his gubernatorial ambitions allowed him to be replaced by Mr. Yagba after 16 years of rotating senators in Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu. He said that he saw in the spiritual realm that it depends on whether or not he does it. Everything Dino did wrong was that he fought the Senate election against the Yagba people. Olinka Blaimo was an up-and-comer. So Okun was not ready. Okun lost from the elite angle, and I will explain. Okun elites, including expatriates who have never returned home, do not understand the order, and are not registered to vote in the country, have started giving instructions, sowing seeds of discord, and know the game insulted people. People believed it, and as a result, people became confused.

Was there overvoting in Kogi Central entral as alleged?

These are false claims by the opposition. Oken, like Adavi, is densely populated. And when we have governors like Yahaya Bello who are politically conscious of the aspirations of the people and committed to alleviating social and economic backwardness. So he did his best to raise awareness and mobilized his employees to speak out. He was able to sensitize and persuade people of the importance of elections, and he was able to make them realize and exercise the power of their numbers.
As I said earlier, Governor Yahaya Bello was able to lure key defectors from other parties into the APC. Voters in Kogi Central voted overwhelmingly for Mr Ododo. As far as the people of Ebira were concerned, the fact that Igala had been in power for 16 years was considered a challenge. Therefore, Mr. Ebira tried not to lose his position as governor so easily. They even hired commercial buses to bring people living out of state back to their hometowns. That, combined with the support of the people of Kogi West, made the magic happen. Allegations of over-voting in Kogi Central are baseless. Well, opponents have the option of going to court. However, I can freely say that Ododo’s victory is largely a reflection of the efforts and proper alignment of interests of his Kogi West comrades who saw the truth before the election.

What was the “truth” that the people of Kojosai saw?

The need to preserve old Kwara relations for future Okun governors. We have witnessed the truth that when our brethren in the East (majority) were in power, we never believed that power should go to the West or the Center (minority). A lot of what they told us to our faces was that when we were in the former Benue State, they did not want us to become governors because we were minorities. It was the commissioners that they kept giving them. So we thought it was unacceptable even if we accepted it all the time. None of the victories of the late Prince Abubakar Audu (in his second term), Alhaji Ibrahim Idris and Captain Idris Wada, governors from Igala, were due to tribal instigation. So for us in the West, we realized that it was important for us to remain in power because of our relations with our central neighbors and also from the old Kwara State. So, we put our heads together, worked irrespective of our political leanings and thank God that part of the PDP went to his APC and it worked out. This is how Okun will become governor in the near future.

What do you think can be learned from the just concluded Kogi State governorship election?

Never again will inter-tribal arrangements be contested in an election in Kogi State. And it reaches all of us in Kogi West and Central including our dear brothers in the East. That is one of the achievements of this election.

You said that Dino Melaye set fire to PDP. What does it mean?

I quit the PDP after 25 years due to corruption and the leadership at the national level led by the PDP presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. Thanks to the crisis management at the national level after the presidential primary, our consolation was that we would manage to survive the Kogi State gubernatorial primary.

Unfortunately, our friend and brother Dino Melaye rigged the Congress that was used for the primary election. For example, I have worked hard to build the party, but I cannot believe that, especially in my district, the state PDP delegates for the gubernatorial primary will be manipulated so that they are unknown to me and the party. I wasn’t expecting it. Inside the ward. This was the case everywhere in Xinguixi that I know of. In short, Dino Melaye lit the ticket of PDP and this drove many PDP supporters including leading politicians like Humble Me and former Deputy Governor Aku Yomi Awoniyi from the party to APC It was the cause. During the election period, only a few PDP members truly worked for the party, and some were simply apathetic and silently worked against the party from within.

Source: guardian.ng

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