Nigeria Customs Service considers upward review of pensions for retired staff

Why Involve Prisoners in Sports – NCoS Controller

The Enugu State Commissioner of Corrections, Mr. Nicholas Obiako, said the Nigeria Correctional Service, NCoS, is focusing on sports as a means of checking vices among inmates.

It also promotes reform and well-being of the Center, he said.

Obiako said this on Wednesday at the final of the month-long Chief Emeka Okoye Football Tournament held at the Enugu Maximum Custodial Center in Enugu State.

He said the sports reforms and rehabilitation initiatives spearheaded by NCoS Inspector General Khalil Nababa have been highly effective in keeping inmates away from vices and trying to escape from prison.

According to him, the soccer competition is one of the recreational activities organized by the NCoS command with the aim of allowing inmates to work together and release their anger and energy towards the positive pursuit of becoming champions. .

“This annual activity (football tournament) gives them a happy mood and makes them not only make friends within a month or two but also makes them not think of planning anything bad.

“We also have plans to hold competitions in other sports such as table tennis, badminton, volleyball, ludo and chess to help inmates with passion and talent develop further.

“Continuous engagement in these sporting activities and games will help them become proficient and prepare them to take up these sports as a career when they finish their time here,” he said.


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