Why I refused N40m to bike to Mecca - Obobo

Aliyu Abdullahi Obobo, who rode a bicycle from Jos in Plateau State to Saudi Arabia from February 2021 to December 2022, turned down 200,000 riyals (approximately N40 million) for his bicycle in Saudi Arabia. He said he has no regrets.

He said he hoped the bike would be kept in a Nigerian museum as a national monument for future generations to connect with history.

He said he had decided to keep the bike and hand it over to the winner of Nigeria’s presidential election in February 2023, with the intention of entrusting it to a museum from now on.

But Mr. Obobo, who hails from Nasarawa State, has received much praise, congratulations and a warm welcome from the people for his accomplishments, and while he was in such a role in Saudi Arabia, an Egyptian pilgrim was seen riding his bicycle. He said he offered to pay 200,000 riyals in compensation. , at Makarem Aziyad Mecca Hotel.

Addressing journalists in Jos, the Plateau state capital, on Wednesday, he said: “Bringing the bike back to Nigeria and keeping it in a museum is a result of my deep patriotism and love for my country.

The reason for the pilgrimage was not for financial gain, but for spiritual fulfillment.

“I am leaving on foot from Jos to Lagos to begin the process of handing over the motorcycle to the Nigerian government for future storage in a museum.

Mr Obogbo said that when he arrived in Nigeria from the Holy Land and was based in Lagos, the bike was placed in the custody of Kosofe Local Government Area Chairman Moyosole Ogunlewe.

He thanked Lagos State officials and the Hausa community in Lagos for playing a key role in his return, adding that he would engage with their leaders for further activities upon his arrival in Lagos.

Mr. Obogbo spoke about why he decided to cycle from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia: I couldn’t afford the freight and other costs.

He said he crossed three countries – Niger, Chad and Sudan – before arriving in Saudi Arabia. He initially did not have a visa for Saudi Arabia and traveled to Sudan for several months to obtain a visa from the government. He added that he was staying there. The Nigerian Ambassador to Sudan before his departure.

Obobo said his pilgrimage ended up being more eventful and fulfilling than that of many privileged people who took it easy. Because the news of his adventures made him hailed as a hero, and as a result he received special treatment and was able to go wherever he was needed. Go to Saudi Arabia and during the Hajj.

He said that during his journey, he encountered many wild animals, but God protected him.He also encountered Boko Haram, but they did not harm him.

He said Boko Haram members learned about his adventure on the news and only asked him for water and told him to continue on the right path.

Source: dailypost.ng

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