Why I love Asake - South African singer Tyra

Why I love Asake – South African singer Tyra

South African singer Tyra Lola Cesar (simply known as Tyra) has explained why she loves Nigerian singer Asake.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Tyra talked about the inspiration for her viral hit “Water” and said she loves Asake's use of “choral vocals.”

She said her song “Water” was inspired by her native Amapiano, her childhood R&B influences and Nigeria's Afrobeats.

She said, “In my opinion, Amapiano's music is at its core ('Water'). And all the influences from growing up like Rihanna and all her R&B girls, R&B boys, pop girls. I love incorporating those kinds of influences into my music.

“What I really like about Afrobeat music is when I hear step vocals that almost sound like a choir. And I really like the use of Asake. I always love that sound. I incorporated that into the chorus (of my song “Water”). Obviously, people can't stop singing and they can't get the songs out of their heads, which I love. ”

Source: dailypost.ng

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