When you think your wife is controlling you

When you think your wife is controlling you

Towards the end of my previous article in this column, “When Women Ask Questions About Their Husbands,” I wrote about visiting a dedicated Whatsapp page nicknamed “Charlie’s Angels” that I share with my wife and daughters. Advise her never to question her husband.

I did that. Her eldest daughter Noja, who is married, replied: I learned that firsthand. ” However, Noja’s husband is a kind man at heart. Still, he has no intention of letting her lover pop the question. Another daughter, Folake, is not married yet, but she says, “Thank you, Dad. I definitely took note of this.” I’m glad that my daughters agree with this fact and truth. .

I reiterate the fact that it is not okay for women to question their husbands, that it is not okay for men to question their wives, and that correction should be done with love and not through questions, but if I I also confess that I overreacted to that method. I replied to her wife. It is true that she felt anxious. There were one or two things in the past where she felt that my wife, Carol, was trying to control me. So I responded to her with her angry tone.

Over the past 30 years of marriage, I have learned that men sometimes feel controlled by their wives. When this happens, many men react in a not-so-pleasant manner. It is true that some women have a Jezebel spirit (a demon of unauthorized female authority and manipulation) and want to have control over their husbands, children, and entire families. However, many men think that the reason their wives want to control them is because they feel that way. Feeling anxious. Anxiety in marriage is the feeling of not being safe, of being exposed to injury, danger, or attack. I feel like I am the tail of the marriage rather than the head of the relationship. It feels like I’m being taken down. At times like this, the mind of the person who is feeling anxious is not very solid and healthy enough. (2 Timothy 1:7). At times like these, people are faced with the feeling of “flight or fight.”
When those feelings arise and you think your wife or husband is trying to control you, instead of reacting by withdrawing or fighting, stop, think, and ask yourself the following questions: .

1. Does my wife love me or hate me?
2. Does she only think about herself?
When a man stops and asks himself these questions about speedbraking, or additional questions, the feeling that his wife is in control of him begins to disappear. All the men I have studied closely, including my father and I, have exhibited this sense of insecurity.

That’s why the immediate past president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, didn’t run away and hit back, saying of his wife Aisha: “She belongs in my kitchen, my living room and the other room.” Hahaha; I love you!

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