There was an uproar in the senate on Tuesday, November 21st after the president of the senate, Godswill Akpabio, announced Abbot Moro Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as the new Senate Minority Leader.

Akpabio also denounced Osita Ngwu (PDP, Enugu West) as the minority whip. The news drew the ire of the Labor Party in the upper house accusing Akpabio of not pulling the caucus.

According to the President of the Court, 41 minority senators signed the document with Moro as the minority leader while 30 voted for Ngwu as the minority whip of the seat.

The Labor Party PDP senators contended that not all of them have taken the minor positions, as they are also entitled to such. While some of them were verbally attacking Akpabio, others were ready with him to deny the attack on minor seats.

Senator Okechukwu Ezea has protested the absence of his party’s minority leadership, describing the arrangement as unfair against other parties.

Another LP senator, Tony Nwoyi, Anambra North, accused Akpabio of reading minority leaders for opposing parties.

“How can you choose us lesser princes? Are we your servants?” Nwoyi Akpabio investigated

In his defence, Akpabio said that the names were only given to him by the junior senators, the majority of whom had been in the PDP. According to him, all that was needed to produce a leader was a simple majority, saying “41 minor senators signed for Abah Moro and 30 signed for Osita Ngwu.”‘ They have several meanings.

“It will be unfair for me not to announce them when the majority of the support. My job is not to work with individual opinions but with several positions,” he said.

Watch Nwoye arm Akpabio below…


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