We are documenting incidents of banditry and kidnapping in Kano - Brigadier General Ale

The Brigade Commander, Brigadier General Jamiu Olinka Ale, said the Nigerian Army Bukawor Barracks 3rd Mechanized Brigade had recorded zero cases of banditry, kidnapping and criminal activities by non-state actors in and around Kano.

Mr. Ale said the brigade maintained peace in Kano thanks to the efforts of the integrated security forces while hosting members of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) in Kano.

He said, “Synergy with other security agencies continues to yield positive results in Kano, making it easier than ever to maintain security in the state.”

He said the operations of security forces in Falgore Forest had effectively stemmed the influx of non-state actors into Kano and its surrounding areas, and that travelers along the route were operating without fear. Stated.

Earlier, the National Chairman of the NUj Correspondents Chapel, Aminu Ahmad Garko, said journalists were ready to cooperate with the military and all other security forces in the field of information dissemination.

Source: dailypost.ng

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