United Nations Office, RMRDC recognizes Premier Academy’s technology innovation, capacity building curriculum | Guardian Nigeria News

The United Nations office in Abuja called on schools and other institutions of learning to focus on improving human rights awareness among Nigerian youths and on positive innovations that will unlock their potential and capacity to make a difference in the world. .

Mrs. Bolanle Olumekor, Knowledge Management Assistant at the United Nations Information Center in Abuja, in her remarks during a visit to the Premier Academy, said that the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Agenda 2030 will depend on how young people are empowered. He said that a lot depends on whether he can be given the following. Unlocking potential in the areas of innovation, industry and technological infrastructure.

Ms Olumekor, who inspected several innovations and inventions by Premier Academy students, praised the school for providing an environment and rich curriculum that makes learning fun.

She also praised the school’s anti-bullying campaign and asked students to always stand up against bullying and other social evils, in line with the values ​​the school instills in them.

In another development, the Raw Materials Development and Research Council (RMDRC) described the school’s commitment to science and technology as a valuable policy that provides students with an unparalleled foundation for the future.

Ms. Uchenna Madugbunam, head of Petrochemicals and Materials Development at RMDRC and an engineer, received the award after presenting a paper at a seminar organized by the school to commemorate the World Science Day for Peace and Development 2023. Awarded.

It is celebrated around the world on November 10th every year. World Science Day for Peace and Development emphasizes the important role and relevance of science in society and the need to involve the public at large in discussions about emerging scientific issues.

Mr Madugbunam, an engineer, said the various technological inventions and innovations exhibited by the students were a testament to the rich curriculum and other investments made by the school.

She assured the students and the entire school community that the Raw Materials Research and Development Center will continue to take an active interest in its technological advances.

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