Mr. Umahi proposes to increase the Ministry of Works’ 2024 budget from 657 billion naira to 1.5 trillion naira

Umahi says FG will make roads suitable for motor vehicles and reduce traffic hardship.

Minister of Work and Housing David Umahi has unveiled the Federal Government's plan to tackle all road challenges in 2024.

Umahi said on Thursday that the FG was committed to addressing all obstacles to the execution of road projects in Nigeria.

He added that this is to ensure delivery of road projects by the end of 2024 that will benefit Nigerians.

The Minister of Works stated this during a meeting with Director-Generals in Abuja to ensure that the vision of sustainable road infrastructure development in the country by the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu administration in line with the “New Hope” agenda is achieved. , encouraged them to take an active role.

Mr Umahi also proposed a review of some of the existing contracts, particularly their content, cost and geotechnical evaluation.

He said this was to address bottlenecks that in the past delayed or hindered the implementation of road projects across Nigeria.

“Mr. President has approved the disbursement of huge sums of money to the ministry for the ministry to carry out its mandate,” Umahi said.

“We need to do some supervision work on the road, directors and consultants will have to work together, and negligent contractors who do not abide by their contract agreements will be penalized.

“If the contractor deliberately slows down the progress of road construction, I will not be able to ask the President and the Federal Executive Committee to reconfigure the scope of work and the contract.”

Speaking further on road projects, he said the most important thing is how many roads are built or motorized to alleviate the suffering of Nigerians when it comes to mobility.

However, while reiterating his commitment to workers' welfare, Umahi said that regardless of their position or social status, workers who are judged to be lacking in terms of performance are often sidelined or completely excluded. He warned that he was at risk of being replaced.

The minister told the directors that there are differences between the ministry and other ministries and agencies (MDAs).

According to him, this is due to the fact that the Ministry of Construction is evaluated in terms of the amount of road construction and its impact.

“The difference between us and other MDAs is that ours is what we can achieve in terms of roads, not speech,” the former Ebonyi State governor said.

“Also, ours is not your typical civil service office where you work eight hours and get the job done. Sometimes you have to work on weekends, and everyone who works is welcome.”

Umahi also appealed to the officers to carry out their duties of service with the fear of God.

He further revealed that the President has provided the necessary funds to implement the road contract, but past experience requires a review of the terms of the contract.


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