Ukraine shoots down Russian barrage, says shoots down Iranian 'unusual' drone Guardian Nigeria News

Ukraine’s air force said Wednesday that Russia attacked Ukraine with more than a dozen attack drones and cruise missiles, shooting down all of the drones. This came after authorities in the southern Odessa region announced they had shot down a rare Iranian-designed attack reconnaissance drone. Ukraine is preparing for the situation…

Ukrainian military personnel from the 123rd Territorial Defense Brigade fire a mortar at Russian positions across the Dnipro River at an undisclosed location in the Kherson region, Nov. 6, 2023, during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. – Ukraine’s recapture of the city of Kherson last November was a shocking defeat for the Kremlin, but Russian forces on the other side still control large swathes of territory and the shell towns and villages they evacuated. The Dnipro River, Europe’s fourth longest river and a historic trade route, has become a key front since Ukrainian forces pushed Russian troops back over its southern bank last year. (Photo by Roman PILIPEY/AFP)


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