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Traditional bride price in Idomaland is unified and fixed at N50,000

The traditional bride price in Idoma land of Benue State has been codified and fixed at only 50,000 Naira.

This was disclosed by the Idoma Area Traditional Council, IATC, at the end of its meeting in Otukpo on Wednesday.

The IATC said it reached this far-reaching decision after extensive consultation with rulers, political leaders and, most importantly, their God-given subjects.

It also said that some independent, barbaric and harsh cultural practices were excluded from the practice of people's culture and traditions.

The IATC enjoined all Idoma-speaking peoples to strictly abide by all decisions of the council in the interest of the people.

The council's decisions include the prohibition of costly burial rites and the imposition of expensive prescriptions, regulations and requirements on families for burial rites of the deceased, particularly in Idoma lands.

The IATC said depriving the children and wives of the deceased of their inheritance of property is prohibited in the region.

The report said that actions by relatives to deny and deprive the children and wives of the deceased of their right to inherit the deceased's property are prohibited.

For the avoidance of doubt, if the deceased had a wife and children, their children and wife shall be entitled to preferential consideration in the distribution of the estate, unless there is a written will. ”

The new law allows a deceased wife to be buried in her husband's place, except in special circumstances where the wife married and had children with more than one man during her lifetime. In this case, the wife will be buried in her father's place, allowing other husbands and children to participate in the burial rites.

All kinds of strict conditions, provisions and expectations associated with traditional marriage are hereby removed and prohibited in accordance with the new law by IATC.

The new IATC frowned upon indiscriminate burial of dead bodies in and around communities, especially in residential areas, saying it was prohibited and made it compulsory for all communities to provide burial grounds.

“If for any special reason it is necessary to bury a person in or around the premises, permission must first be sought and obtained from the traditional ruler and the burial site or grave must be marked and secured. yeah.”

Source: dailypost.ng

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