Traders warn of market intrusion despite court order

Traders warn of market intrusion despite court order

The Management Committee of Balogun Business Association (BBA) at the trade fair grounds of the Lagos International Commercial Center (ICC) has sounded the alarm against intrusion into the market.

However, while the committee deals with what it calls “the harmful and disgusting shenanigans of the Fifth Columnists bent on destabilizing the ICC and the Association,” members, stakeholders, affiliates and respected He advised his customers to remain calm and abide by the law.

According to members of the committee, an untoward incident took place on Wednesday, November 23, 2023, when two powerful traders reportedly entered a shopping complex with the intention of enforcing an impugned order or court judgment. woke up.

After the takeover plot failed, CTC Chairman and Secretary Anslem Dunu and Leonard Ogbonya, respectively, accused BBA members, affiliates, stakeholders and the general public of fraudulently attempting to infiltrate the shopping complex. publicized the fact that it had happened. This is because the perpetrators persisted in an old and illegal lawsuit in which neither the BBA nor its members are parties, either in public name or as a legal entity or registered organization.

The notice also states that neither the current trustees nor their members are parties to the abusive and derogatory proceedings.

Moreover, ostensibly driven by a fiery emotion mixed with outrageous ambition and desperation, he brazenly manipulated both the courts and the Nigeria Police Force to enforce the purported judgment against BBA. He added that the two men who had done the unthinkable had done the unthinkable by enforcing an interim judgment against the BBA. Members of the association and management committee who are not parties to the contempt proceedings.

According to the CTC, “To make matters worse, two desperados and their associates who claim to have been elected members of the phantom executive council at a hotel in Mile 2, Lagos , accused” after the Federal High Court inter alia in Suit No. FHC/ABJ/CS/579/2021 (Corporate Directors of Balogun Business Association and Others v. Inspector General of Police etc.) and Suit No. FHC/ABJ/CS/ court. 451/2021 (Board of Balogun Business Association and Other Corporations vs. Corporate Affairs Commission and Other Corporations) effectively nullifies and nullifies the comedy of miscarriages of justice disguised as “elections” at Villa Park Hotel made orders, decisions, and pronouncements. ”

The CTC believes that these two cases and the orders, decisions and pronouncements of the Federal High Court are superior to the now infamous and contemptuous proceedings of the duo and their co-conspirators and the orders, decisions and pronouncements of the Federal High Court referred to above. declared it to be the previous one. The two suit numbers FHC/ABJ/CS/579/2021 and number FHC/ABJ/CS/451/2021 are still in existence.

The CTC further stated that the two cases were filed in the Federal High Court on Monday, November 20, 2023, and were further adjourned by the same court until December 19, 2023.

The Commission therefore finds that the Association and the incumbent CTC are supported and upheld not only by the existing orders, decisions and pronouncements in the two aforementioned cases before the Federal High Court, but also by the existing judgments of the Federal High Court. Members were advised to ignore the men’s antics. Lagos State High Court, Case No. LD/5458GCMW)2018.

Similarly, the CTC advised all members, affiliates and interested parties not to enter into any contractual relationship with them or their agents as they are not representatives of BBA.


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