Toxicology tests conducted during Mokhvad's autopsy in the US - coroner

The Lagos Coroner’s Court sitting in Ikorodu has revealed that important toxicology tests are being carried out in the United States to determine the cause of death of the late singer, Ilerioluwa Arroba, popularly known as Mohubado.

State Counselor Oluwaseun Akinde informed Coroner Adetayo Shotobi during a hearing on Wednesday that the autopsy of the deceased’s external remains had been completed.

He explained that toxicology tests are being conducted in the United States to examine the internal organs of deceased people to determine if potentially harmful substances are present.

Akide’s statement was made in response to an inquiry from a lawyer representing the deceased’s father, David Fadim. TNKay Music Worldwide, the deceased’s record label. David Nawula; representatives of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Ikorodu, OSA Alan Molalan, Jennifer Nina;

The coroner then questioned the need to carry out toxicology tests abroad despite Nigeria having a toxicological laboratory.

Akinde said the decision to send the samples to the United States was based on the nature of the various substances allegedly injected or ingested by the deceased and the need to ensure maximum transparency and reliability of the autopsy report. answered.

Mr. Akinde told the coroner that Lagos State had decided to conduct the U.S. investigation into disputes surrounding the nature of the various substances allegedly injected or ingested by the deceased and the autopsy report that was ultimately submitted. He said this was because there was a need to avoid it.

He added that the global attention surrounding Mokhubado’s death influenced the decision, noting that it was pointless to invite Professor Soyemi, a pathologist in Lagos, to submit an incomplete report.


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