“Hubala accepted the peace agreement to please Wike and others.”

Tomihara receives the International Peace Prize

The UK-based newspaper, The Nigerian News, has announced Rivers State Governor Siminarayi Hubara as the 2023 International Peace Prize medal recipient.

The company's CEO, David Young, said in a statement that the award recognizes Governor Tomihara's purposeful leadership and firm belief in democracy and the rule of law.

Mr. Young said the governor has also demonstrated outstanding accomplishments and outstanding qualities as a trailblazer who is deeply committed to national unity and progress.

He noted that Mr. Hubala had shown unwavering courage in the face of intimidation and repression, promoting peace, harmony and stability in Rivers State and beyond.

The Rivers State governor understands that any political crisis will hamper his development plans, the company said, adding that only those with the genuine interests of the masses can lead the way for peace.

“Governor Tomihara came out ahead of other candidates for his courage and passion for his people. An extraordinary leader, he is unwavering in his commitment to promoting peace and unity around the world. has been shown.

“His dedicated efforts to improve the lives of the people of Rivers have earned him this well-deserved recognition. gives you inspiration.

“The importance of peace in promoting economic prosperity cannot be overstated. Governor Nunohara understands this simple principle.

“We therefore urge him to remain focused on his goals and ignore distractions. His pure and clear heart will continue to lead the way.

“We want him to see this award as a higher calling to a deeper commitment to peacebuilding in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.”

Source: guardian.ng

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