Tinubu urges APC governors to remain servants of the people

Tinubu urges APC governors to remain servants of the people

President Bola Tinubu has advised governors, who were elected on the platform of the governing All Progressives Congress (APC), to always put the interest of the people first and work in the interest of the state.

He said this on Friday in Abuja when he received Kogi Governor Yahaya Bello, the reinstated Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma and the incoming Kogi Governor, Ahmed Ododo.

Presidential Spokesman Adjuli Ngerale said in a statement that the president expressed satisfaction with the results of the election, which he said were free, fair and peaceful.

“You worked hard for this victory. I’m so proud of you, but the real challenge has just begun and it will stare you down.

“It’s a matter of good governance. Make sure you’re all carried together. You are now servants of the people. Glory to God for the victory and as He guides you. I hope you give it to me.

“When you make the people of Nigeria and their concerns the focus of your plans and actions, you will not only make governance easier, you will increase the value of your state and give more people new opportunities to grow and develop.” You can.”Enjoy your new standard of living.

“This has to be your number one focus as a governor, especially as a governor who was elected on the platform of our great party.

“Two out of three is not a bad way to start. We don’t just focus on winning elections, we focus on serving the people.

“They are sovereigns, and if we deliver what we promise, our voters will respect us. We will continue to maintain excellence,” the president said.

APC National Chairman Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje, who led the governor-elect and other APC prominent figures in a meeting with Mr. Tinubu, said the party’s candidates acted with integrity in accordance with the president’s instructions during the election period and the party was confident of victory. He said he admitted it. Opposition party in Bayelsa state.

“We lost the Bayelsa elections, but we made concessions in good faith. You directed that the elections should be free, fair and peaceful, and that is what happened,” Ganduje said.

Mr. Uzodinma, on behalf of his party who contested the governorship election on his party platform, thanked the President for his strong and purposeful leadership at the center, which made his campaign possible and energized. He said it came up.

“We won because of the leadership you showed. The country has been in trouble, but the economy has responded to the reforms and rapid response strategies you introduced.”

Source: guardian.ng

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