Tinubu is dragging us to our graves ? Sule Lamido

Tinubu is dragging us to the grave – Sule Lamido

Former governor of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido, has alleged that the administration of President Bola Tinubu is dragging Nigerians to the grave.

In an interview with Daily Trust, Lamido accused President Tinubu of increasing difficulties in the country and influencing trials in the courts. He also accused the Chief Justice of Nigeria of working for the All Progressives Congress.

He said;

“They are implementing what they promised you: agony, pain, suffering, anguish and insecurity. You don’t feel safe, you’re poor, your take-home pay isn’t even enough to buy a bag of rice, so now you’re reaping what you sowed.

“When he said he would pick up where Buhari left off, what did he do? When you say you want to pick up where Buhari left off, where do you start? From insecurity, poverty or hunger? Tinubu said he will continue where Buhari left off, so there is no distinction.

“Buhari lacked the political acumen, vision, commitment and pedigree to answer or explain the issues he was asked about.

“Now after eight years, Tinubu has come and said he will pick up where Buhari left off, so the next destination is our grave because the journey began with a trailer loaded with poverty, hunger, insecurity, hatred, discouragement, frustration, pain, agony, and the destination is the grave.

“Look at the appeal in APC, the appeal in APC was corruption, favoritism, nepotism because whatever you are, if you get there, you are safe. You can steal, you can do whatever you want because all they know are the numbers and because they have more criminals in the party who are willing to manipulate and impose arbitrarily, that’s why they won the elections and you see their government.

“When they try to win any election and it doesn’t work, they say ‘fine’, go to court’, and when you go there, they beat you to it, don’t they?

If every CJN in Nigeria participates in the party organized by the G-5 governors and ensures that they vote for them, they will see that everything revolves around the judiciary.

“So, what this means is that it is part of their preparation to condition our minds that there is a program in progress and that whoever loses must go to court, but before you get to court, they are already there through the CJN, So what do you expect?

“They rallied around Buhari, calling him ours, ours. So what is the benefit of “our” being in power for the North, especially the North West – your own electorate?

“We were demonized, we were called names, so in that election we lost and then the APC came. They defamed us, called us Boko Haram, especially in the North.

“Before 2014, I had said that in the 2014 elections, whoever wins, Nigeria will lose. I said this because some internal party agreements were violated and people, in a way, lost trust in the party based on this violation.

“Meanwhile, APC members were campaigning on hatred, division, malice, which means the two candidates at that time were just running for themselves, Nigeria was left behind. The election in 2014 was between Jonathan and Buhari for their ambition and personal interest, not for the country.

“All along, Nigerians believed in us. In everything we do, we put Nigeria first; let her lead and then pursue your interests in Nigeria. Since 2014, it has led interest and Nigeria has followed closely behind. That was why when Buhari won, all Nigerians lost because he was not there for Nigeria.

“He lacked the political pedigree, political acumen and vision to address Nigeria’s issues. Instead, emotions, feelings, ethnicity and religion came into play and today in Nigeria, this triangle of ethnicity, religion and North-South region, Islam-Christianity, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and others, is at play. Tribe, religion and region were brought to the forefront in Nigeria by the APC. What did Tinubu say? He said Emilokan, it’s my turn.”

Source: www.lindaikejisblog.com

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