Tinubu has mixed feelings as he resolves Ondo political feud

Tinubu has mixed feelings as he resolves Ondo political feud

• Each faction agrees to maintain peace and maintain the status quo.
• Ondo APC groups have different resolutions

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu late last Friday intervened in a long political feud in Ondo State between factions loyal to Governor Rotimi Akeredolu and Deputy Governor Lucky Ayedatiwa.

A statement issued yesterday by the Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Ajuli Ngerale, came after no fewer than six consecutive meetings with the President at the State House, Abuja, which saw both warring sides sheathing their swords and reuniting. announced that they had agreed. time.

The statement detailed what transpired at the meeting, which came after marathon negotiations between the president, the deputy governor, representatives of Governor Akeredolu, Ondo federal and state legislators, and officials of the All Progressives Congress state branch. (APC) and other parties said they had reached an agreement.

He disclosed that the President had advised all hostile factions to bury the hatchet and embrace peace, and had extracted commitments to that effect.

This means that despite the loss of leadership of the State House of Assembly and the APC state chapter in Ondo, Mr. Akeredolu will continue to be the State Executive Secretary, Mr. Ayedatiwa the Deputy Governor and members of the State Executive Council will continue to perform their respective duties. means. Saved.

Expressing his determination to maintain the status quo and unite all factions, Ayedatiwa said: I forgot everything that ever happened. As the President advised us, I let go and I let God go.

“And I want to say this without any malice, without any malice. Everything that happened is politics. Impeachment is part of politics. If you survive that, that’s politics too. It’s here. I survived it and everything else is in the past.

“This is one big family and our father stepped in to make sure all the kids stayed in the same family. I will take all of you there.” If you do, we will work together.” The executive and legislative branches will work together to keep governance on the right track. ”

He implored all members of the state executive council to rally around the governor and himself to “deliver the blessings of democracy” to the people of Ondo State.

“Members of the Executive Council, I would like to ask you to cooperate with me and the governor so that we can bring the benefits of democracy to our people.

“We need to respect each other in terms of the offices we work in and the differences in age. That means respecting each other.

“And I want to assure the party organization that we will work together because the party is the supreme being. We will always be respectful,” the lieutenant governor vowed.

Reading the details of the resolution, Ondo State House of Assembly Speaker Oladiji Olamide said: “Our resolution is this: we accept peace.”

Secondly, as far as the parliamentary leadership is concerned, there will be no dissolution of the Cabinet and the Lieutenant Governor will maintain the status quo.

“We will maintain the status quo as far as state party leadership is concerned and we will maintain the status quo as far as state legislative leadership is concerned. Thank you, Mr. President.”

Meanwhile, the Secretary to the State Government, Princess Oladunni Odu, said: “Our father, the President, went out of his way to settle our grudge in Ondo State. We express our gratitude to you, sir. We have taken every word you have said and we will go home as one united family under the party, APC.”

In his address, Ondo State APC Chairman, Ade Adetimehin, expressed happiness at the outcome of the deliberations and assured that the party will remain a watchdog to ensure that the new commitments are complied with. ⁣

“Today is the happiest moment for me. And I know that sanity has returned to Ondo State. So, on behalf of the teeming supporters of our party in the state, I would like to express my gratitude to our leaders. Thank you, Mr. President.

“PDP has collapsed in the state. Practically every day they leave camp. The only problem we have is the problem you solved for us today. And that problem has been permanently resolved,” Adetimehin said.

Governor Akeredolu and Governor Ayedatiwa.Photo: Channel TV

Excited by the development, a group called Progressives Mandate Renewal (PMR) at the weekend praised President Tinubu’s intervention.

In a statement, the group recognized Tinubu as a leader of the people and a caring man who values ​​loyalty.
PMR Coordinator, Mr. Samson Ogunyemi, said the President’s intervention had effectively curbed the arrogance and pride displayed by those who were allegedly trying to destabilize the country.

Ogunyemi said, “The goal of the deputy governor group is to have the governor declared incompetent and oust him. They were enthusiastically rooting for the governor to be disgraced and removed from office.

“While the meeting was in progress, a group of lieutenant governors were already jubilant on social media. They thought the outcome of the meeting would be in their favor.

“For the Lieutenant Governor and his group, this is a disappointment. Their hopes and expectations have been shattered and shattered. The people of the state have been able to see the true nature of the Lieutenant Governor.

“I am particularly pleased that the President has ordered the status quo. This is the right step to ensure peace and understanding in the country.

“We remain grateful to President Tinubu and pledge our dedication and unfailing support.”

However, some APC chiefs in Ondo State have expressed concern over the presidential intervention, saying that unless the deputy governor is empowered to act as the governor in accordance with the provisions of the constitution, the state may not be able to achieve the peace it desires. He said there is.

The party leaders, under the aegis of Ondo APC progressive stakeholders, condemned Mr. Akeredolu’s continued absence from the state, stressing that it is negatively impacting the state’s economy and governance.

A statement released after the meeting was signed by their group’s chairman, former House of Representatives member Afe Olowokere. The state’s former APC chief, Chief Raman Rotimi, and his associates called on the parliament to vest Mr Ayedatiwa with powers as acting governor.

They said the measure was critical to effectively addressing the economic challenges facing the state.

Source: guardian.ng

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