Three agents of Putin's FSB are killed after eating food spiked with arsenic and rat poison

Three agents of Putin’s FSB are killed after eating food spiked with arsenic and rat poison

Three Russian FSB officers were killed after their food delivery was allegedly spiked with arsenic and rat poison.

Ukrainian authorities claimed that the alleged poisoning was the work of Ukraine’s underground “resistance forces” in Melitopol.

A fourth security service officer is reportedly in intensive care.

The FSB is the official spy agency of the Russian Federation. President Vladimir Putin was already at the agency in the 90s.

Telegram channel Kremlevskaya Tabakerka reported:

“The restaurant where the food and alcohol were delivered was searched and no traces of poison were found.

“At the same time, the courier who delivered the food and alcohol disappeared without a trace.”

The poisoning allegation was reported in Ukraine by the Kyiv Post and confirmed by exiled mayor Ivan Fedorov.

Speaking on the Ukrainian TV channel United News, Fedorov said:

“They ordered food from a local cafe and after they managed to consume this food, they were all poisoned and some even died.

“They will definitely not be able to fight against our state anymore.

“It is interesting that they cannot find the messenger who delivered the food, but this is the active resistance that continues in Melitopol after almost two years of occupation.”

The mayor said:

“The elimination of the enemy is carried out not only by explosions, missile strikes, but also by resistance forces

“For example, the other day there was another batch of enemies eliminated, namely poisoned enemies, which was even reported by enemy Telegram channels.”

The Telegram channel stated that two of the three dead FSB agents have launched an investigation into an alleged grave of Russian Black Sea Fleet sailors recently found in Melitopol.

Seventeen mutilated bodies with evidence of missile attack were discovered, it was claimed.

Last month, cake and drink laced with deadly poison were allegedly delivered to a Russian military party in a Ukrainian plot to murder dozens of top pilots.

The plan would have been foiled at the last minute.


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