Threat: Tinubu orders security chief to ensure final victory

Threat: Tinubu orders security chief to ensure final victory

President Bola Tinubu has called on the country’s security chiefs to ensure decisive victory against the various security threats facing the country.

He gave the mandate while addressing security chiefs and heads of intelligence agencies at the Presidential Security Briefing at the State House in Abuja on Friday.

The President said that while good progress has been made in eliminating some security threats across multiple theaters, success will depend on an ultimate end to multidimensional threats.

“We currently have too much investment to make in soft and physical infrastructure, social security, MSME empowerment and other growth enablers. We pursue economics, but our efforts will be undermined if we do not finally end the progressive onslaught against the enemies of progress. Encouraged.

“Public confidence in your abilities is growing and our people appreciate the sacrifices of our men and women. The successes you are recording are undeniable. Nigerians are also witnessing it, recently in Kaduna. As stated above, avoidable mistakes are unacceptable and cannot be repeated.

“While we are pleased that coordination between all government agencies has improved dramatically in recent months, there is no time to celebrate until we end this problem. Until we can bring our troops back to their home towns. , and until we can free up resources for critical economic expansion programs,” Tinubu asserted.

He stressed that the Armed Forces must achieve the goal of achieving a sustainable production of 2 million barrels of condensed crude oil per day by the first quarter of 2024.

“I am not going to toy with my intelligence report. There are multiple lines of sight. The Navy and its sister branches must redouble their efforts to achieve our goals for the benefit of all Nigerians. All malicious actors will be actively removed from our midst.

“There will be justice for those who work against the national agenda from within and outside the country. Your mission is clear. We will maintain this momentum. Under my leadership, failure will not be an option. ” the president declared.

He also commended the Presidential Air Fleet Commander (PAF), Commander of the Guard Brigade (BoG) and Chief Personal Security Officer (CPSO) for their dedication and commitment in the performance of their missions.

The president also presented the award on Friday when he honored security aides at the State House.

The recipient of the medal was PAF Commander Air Chief Marshal Olinka Olusola Oyesola, who was promoted to the rank of Vice Marshal of the Air Force. BoG Commander, Adebisi Olusegun Onasanya, promoted from Colonel to Brigadier General. and Police CPSO Usman Moussa Shugaba, who is currently the Deputy Commissioner of Police.

Mr Tinubu said he was impressed by the officers' “loyalty and dedication to duty”.

“Nigeria calls everyone to service. We are servants of the nation, not masters as you see them. Your stewardship responsibilities as leaders of various categories are tied to the tasks you undertake and reflected in the responsibility.

“I hope that Nigeria will continue to recognize your contributions to our country,” the President said.

The newly promoted officers were decorated by the President and assisted by the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Hassan Abubakar. Chief of Army Staff Lieutenant General Taolid Lagbaha. Each was attended by the Inspector-General of Police, IGP, Mr. Kayode Egbetokun, in the presence of spouses of high-ranking police officers.

The event was witnessed by National Security Adviser Malam Nuhu Ribadu. Minister of Defence, Bello Matawalle. service chief. Heads of intelligence agencies and presidential advisors.

Mr. AVM Olinka, on behalf of the officers, thanked the President for their promotion and the privilege of serving the nation.

He assured the Commander-in-Chief of their continued loyalty and commitment to the mission.


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