'The prime minister is on the right path' - former Katsina state governor Shema praises incumbent

‘The prime minister is on the right path’ – former Katsina state governor Shema praises incumbent

Former Katsina State Governor Ibrahim Shema has commended Governor Dikko Umar Radda for his achievements over the past five months.

Highlighting the importance of Governor Radda’s initiatives, Mr. Shema said the recruitment of 7,325 teachers, construction of three professional model schools and commitment to the advancement of education as important steps towards a brighter future for the youths of Katsina State, among others. He noted other significant financial commitments.

He made the remarks on Friday while speaking at the ‘Lectures and Awards Ceremony’ hosted by Umaru Musa Yar’Adua University (UMYU).

While praising the incumbent governor’s efforts as a positive beginning, Mr. Shema prayed for God’s guidance, protection, wisdom and continued success so that Mr. Radda could surpass the achievements of his predecessor.

Paying tribute to Shema’s role in the formation of the University, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Shehu Salih Muhammad said that the former Governor, who during his eight-year term had implemented numerous commendable projects and received praise and accolades from the entire university community. praised. situation.

Professor Muhammad also paid tribute to the late President Umaru Musa Yardua who initiated the establishment of the university and praised the subsequent efforts of his predecessors in maintaining and developing the university.

Professor Muhammad expressed his gratitude to the current Radda administration and thanked them for their continued care and support to the university. He expressed the university’s commitment to aligning with government policies for the betterment of society and ensuring quality education and training for the growing number of students.

Similarly, Dr. Binta Dalhat Dan Ali, Dean of the University’s Faculty of Law, described Mr. Shema as a “spontaneous figure in educational development” and highlighted his contribution to the establishment of the Faculty of Law and fostering a culture of excellence among students. . Both students and staff.

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