Apology or recall: Voters protest against lawmaker who took down Governor Alia's portrait

The Nigerian Navy deserves praise – Deputy Spokesperson of Parliament, Agbese

House of Representatives Deputy Spokesman, Chief Philip Agbesu, said the investigation revealed that the allegations against the Nigerian Navy regarding oil theft were false.

DAILY POST recalls that there were allegations that some officers of the Nigerian Navy were involved in crude oil theft.

Tantita Security Services Limited, a private company commissioned by the federal government to investigate crude oil pipelines, has also threatened to release video clips of alleged oil transactions involving Nigerian naval officers in streams in the Niger Delta region. Ta.

However, Mr Agbese told journalists in Abuja on Wednesday that “after interactions with the Chief of Naval Staff, flag officers commanding various naval commands and other senior naval officers, the allegations were sponsored by unscrupulous individuals. It turned out that it was.” with ulterior motives.

He said the Navy's sacrifices to protect oil pipelines are commendable.

He urged the public to ignore the allegations and stressed that police need their support to continue to protect the maritime domain.

“We have been interacting with the Chief of Naval Staff, flag officers commanding various naval commands, and other senior officers of the Navy and are satisfied with their clarifications and responses.

“We now expect the Navy to use this vote of confidence to hunt down oil thieves as they have in the past.

“Therefore, we urge the public to ignore these allegations and to use the Navy in its efforts to protect our nation's maritime domain and curb the illegal activities of some unscrupulous individuals who seek to thrive in these places. We urge you to support us.

“We also commend the Navy's professionalism and dedication and assure them of our continued support and oversight.”

Source: dailypost.ng

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