The cost of cooking Nigerian Jollof rice has increased by 220%.

The cost of cooking jollof rice in Nigeria increased by 220.7 percent from N4,087 in July 2016 to N13,106 in September 2023.

A new Jollof Rice Index report by SBM Intelligence recently revealed this.

According to the report, the rise in the cost of cooking jollof rice is not unrelated to the sharp rise in food inflation in Nigeria, which rose to 31.52% in October.

This means that an average Nigerian household with a minimum wage of N30,000 would need to spend 43 percent more to prepare one bowl of jollof rice.

The report, which surveyed 13 markets across six geopolitical zones in Nigeria, found that the most expensive place to make jollof rice is Use II in Abuja, priced at N15,900, and the cheapest. He disclosed that the market is located in Onitsha, Anambra State. N10,280.

“This is a new high. This situation tells the sad story of Nigeria’s inflation rate. Families have responded to the pressure by continuing to cut costs, reduce the amount of rice and food in general, and introduce substitutes. As a result, all components of the Jollof Rice Index are at multi-year highs,” said Ikemisit Effiong, Partner at SBM Intelligence. Interview with Channel TV on Wednesday.

Daily Post reported that rice prices are expected to rise by 32%.


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