Singer Terry G marks 100th day of 'no smoking'

Terry G slams colleagues who ignored him (video)

Popular Nigerian singer Gabriel Oche Amani (real name Terry G) has taken to social media to slam a colleague who ignored him when he needed it most.

In a series of posts on her official Instagram page, Terry G expressed her sadness that her efforts to reach out to colleagues during this difficult time were unsuccessful as no one responded. .

He also reminded his colleagues of how he helped them when they asked for help.

He wrote; “You write letters to your fellow artists, but you don't have to reply. When everyone comes to G, there's a hit.''

“We don't have to die to be remembered and celebrated. We all contribute to the global music library of sounds. For God's sake. We're back. Thank you for the wait.”

Also, in the now-viral video, the singer said: “But this is not fair, I want you guys to remember, you guys came to me and I gave you guys a hit song. Now I'm going to chat with you guys. But you don't want to respond. Until you die?”


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