Terrorists allegedly occupied communities in Niger and imposed taxes on residents

Terrorists allegedly occupied communities in Niger and imposed taxes on residents

Bandits have reportedly overrun several communities in Niger State, setting up toll gates and imposing levies on farmers and residents.

The affected areas include Dogondawa, Kurege, Kangarewa and Mangoro, and the bandits are said to be governing the territory according to their own rules.

Residents report that terrorists have imposed restrictions on the free movement of goods and people and forced them to pay surcharges before traveling.

Eyewitnesses said residents were forced to pay a 3.5 million naira levy last Sunday before being allowed to vacate vehicles loaded with their belongings.

The bandits have not spared the farmers either, demanding levies on their crops and forcing them to pay before they are allowed to harvest their crops.

The situation has escalated, with witnesses claiming that even internally displaced persons (IDPs) seeking to leave the area are required to pay certain levies before leaving.

Local sources revealed that the bandits have established their own territory and are operating without resistance.

Vehicles leaving the area are reportedly charged between N200,000 and N300,000, with a combination of three vehicles being forced to pay N1 million before being allowed to leave. It is said that

When asked for a statement on the matter, the Niger State Police Spokesperson, Wasiu Abiodun, assured that an investigation would be carried out and further information would be provided.

Source: dailypost.ng

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