Technology visionary Valentine Ojigbo champions the next generation of Nigerian programmers with mentorship and scholarships

Mr. Valentine Ojigbo, a giant of Nigerian business and philanthropy, speaks at the Decagon in Benin City on Sunday, November 19, 2023, during a mentoring visit to Anambra Future Tech scholars sponsored by his non-profit organization VCO. The halls of the institute were lit up. Foundation.

The Anambra Future Tech scholars who are beneficiaries of Mr. Ojigbo’s VCO Foundation financial guarantee were inspired and encouraged to chart a bright path for themselves.

At an event that blurred the line between company visit and masterclass, Mr. Ojigbo, Immediate Past President and Group CEO of Transcorp, delivered an impassioned talk that was as much a celebration as it was a call to action. Ta.

“Today, you stand on the brink of endless possibilities, but remember that you are not just future technology leaders. You are the pioneers of a new era.” said Ojigbo, the award-winning global CEO.

“Through your skills, creativity and innovation, you have the power to redefine the world. May this serve as proof of the changes we have made.

“At the VCO Foundation, we are committed to the idea of ​​‘Shaping the Future, Enriching Lives’ and that is why we have decided to be a part of your journey.

“We recognize that technology is the future and Nigerian youth embody the right hope, determination and vision to carve out a future of limitless possibilities. So, come forward, Let us create a tomorrow that reflects our wildest dreams,” Ojigbo said.

The audience, made up of over 100 young Nigerian University graduate students from Decagon University, hung on to every word, and Ojigbo’s surprise announcement of scholarships to students drew applause, as well as the VCO Foundation’s dedication to nurturing talent and ambition. played a role in emphasizing.

As the event moved into a question and answer session, students interacted with Mr. Ojigbo for his insights and advice on navigating the evolving technology landscape and positioning Nigeria at the forefront of global innovation.

The session was also notable for the virtual presence of Decagon Founder and CEO, Chika Nwobi, who acknowledged the tremendous impact of Ojigbo’s guidance and VCO Foundation sponsorship. expressed his gratitude.

Valentine Ojigbo’s visit is more than just a corporate social responsibility checkbox. This is a concrete investment in the future of Nigeria’s technology industry.

In a ground-breaking initiative to address youth unemployment in Anambra State, the Valentine Chineto Ojigbo (VCO) Foundation partnered with Decagon Institute in July 2023 to ensure that a new generation of software engineering talent joins the global technology sector. We have provided a platform where you can play an active role.

This collaboration includes a significant commitment from the VCO Foundation, which has provided a guarantee of N400 million to facilitate the participation of 100 Anambra students in this innovative program.

This initiative marks an important milestone in bridging the gap between talented graduates and the competitive technology industry. This partnership provides a valuable opportunity for ambitious Anambra graduates with an interest in technology.

With support from the VCO Foundation, these individuals will have access to student loans and will be able to enroll in the Decagon Software Engineering Training Program. This is a step that can radically change the trajectory of your career.

Known for its rigorous training, Decagon Institute has already made significant strides in technology education. To date, we have graduated approximately 1,000 software engineers, many of whom have secured jobs at leading technology companies such as Microsoft, JP Morgan, Interswitch, Flutterwave, and Sterling Bank.


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