TCN aims to improve energy generation and plans to curb vandalism on power lines

TCN aims to improve energy generation and plans to curb vandalism on power lines

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has announced plans to increase monitoring of power lines and substations across the country by deploying surveillance drones, cameras and advanced equipment.

The initiative aims to address the growing challenges faced by TCN, including vandalism, theft of power cables and sabotage of power plants.

While touring the transmitting stations in Mando and Kaduna Town, Mr. Engr. Ganiyu O. Aliyu, Head of Transmission, Kaduna Region, said that in order to provide Optical Grounding Wire (OPGW) for tracking and installation of monitoring equipment on transmission towers, Mr. He said he has partnered with a high-tech company.

“We are working with an IT company to track all power towers using OPGW. Rotating cameras with long-range visibility and infrared capabilities are deployed to detect theft at night. “We encourage the community to monitor the station and report vandalism or theft,” he said.

Furthermore, Engr. Aliyu asserted that the significant improvement in TCN’s service delivery this year was due to the implementation of new power transmission projects aimed at strengthening power supply to the entire country.

The General Manager highlighted that TCN is implementing a number of capital enhancement projects across the national transmission network.

He noted that these projects are in line with the federal government's goal of revitalizing the power sector.

Despite external challenges such as vandalism and incursions near power transmission facilities, TCN achieved significant results in 2023 and continues to undertake additional projects.


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