Student killed by younger classmate during fight at North Carolina High School (photos/video)

A 15-year-old student was fatally stabbed by a 14-year-old classmate during a fight inside a North Carolina high school on Monday, November 27.

The fight inside the Southeast Raleigh High School gymnasium was caught on video.

It also took a second student, 16, to hospital with a non-life-threatening stab wound, according to local reports.

“Both victims were transported to a local hospital,” Raleigh Police Chief Estella Patterson said during a press conference. “Unfortunately, one victim succumbed to his injuries.”

“This is a very unfortunate incident that occurred today,” she added. “One that is very disturbing to us.”

The teenager accused of stabbing two of his classmates was arrested and charged with murder on a juvenile petition, WRAL reported, citing authorities.

Part of the fight captured on camera showed two students fighting face to face before another student in a black jacket threw a punch at a student in a red jacket, who then responded with a punch of his own.

The fight then spills into the gymnasium as other students quickly follow the fight.

Amid the chaos, one of the students appeared to attack two teenagers with a sharp object before fleeing, according to footage obtained by WRAL.

The identities of the victims and suspects have not been released.

Sherelle McLaughlin told WRAL that her son, the alleged stabber, was just defending himself.

She also said she doesn’t believe he took the knife to school, but rather someone else in the building.

“The whole situation is terrible,” McLaughlin said. “I feel bad for the other family, but in return, I feel bad for my son because he was fighting for his life. It wasn’t a fair fight. I just don’t think it should have happened like this.”

The school will be closed on Tuesday, Nov. 28, as students grapple with the death of a classmate and the district reviews safety protocols.

“Schools should be a safe haven for our students and staff,” said Wake County Superintendent Robert Taylor. “What happened here today is unacceptable.”

Watch the video below.


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