Storm wreaked havoc on Kwara community, leaving many homeless

Storm wreaked havoc on Kwara community, leaving many homeless

Residents of Ibonna community in Oyun Local Government Area of ​​Kwara State are counting their losses after a heavy rainstorm hit the area, destroying several buildings.

According to reports reaching DAILY POST, victims of the storm were left homeless and the roofs of buildings were blown off.

Ibonna Descendants Development Union IDPU National President Barrister AS Salami said after completing a scene assessment of the devastation, the incident was extremely devastating.

“The experience is alarming. Few, if any, homes were undamaged by the storm with heavy rains. Some homes were completely blown away, but a significant number of national homes were left undamaged. They either collapsed or were severely damaged,” he said.

Salami added: “This is unprecedented in history, as the scale of the disaster is so great that most of the population is confused and can hardly find a place to sleep.

“As we speak, vulnerable victims of the disaster are at a loss as to what to do and where to safely put themselves, while entire communities are struggling to maintain economic and normal health. The lifestyle was established.”

He called on the government and well-meaning individuals and organizations to immediately come to the rescue of local communities.


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