Stop defaming the office of minister - Tinubu support group advises Uche-Nnaji

Stop defaming the office of minister – Tinubu support group advises Uche-Nnaji

The South-East Progressive Front, a pro-Bola Ahmed Tinubu support group, has slammed Chief Uche Nnaji for opposing the appointment of Dr. Ben Nwoye as Chief of Staff to the National Deputy Speaker. Party, Alhaji Ali Bulkar Dalori.

In a personally signed letter, Nnaji expressed his firm opposition to Nwoye’s appointment and called for its revocation.

However, in a statement made available to journalists on Thursday, Dr. Donald Otuonye, ​​the National Coordinator of the South East Progressive Front, a grassroots organization that mobilizes support for President Tinubu in five South East states, said that its members He said it was unthinkable to rally support for the president. A member of the federal cabinet would be stooping too low to pry into the selection of aides by senior party officials.

He said it implied that Mr Nnaji was unfocused and lacked the necessary initiative in line with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s “Agenda of New Hope”.

Mr Otuoye said: “While other ministers are busy making waves and carrying out their duties, the Minister of Science and Technology is busy deciding who will be the chief of staff to our party’s deputy national president.” said it was strange and very unfortunate.

“There is no doubt that he lacks the ability to lead the all-important Ministry of Science and Technology, which should be at the forefront of developing ideas that lift young people out of poverty through a chain of job creation.

“May I ask Minister Nnaji, how many votes did President Bola Ahmed Tinubu vote in his ward when he claims to have worked for the party during the election?”

“We know very well how he funds and operates the PDP (the party in which his brother is currently a member of the House of Representatives). Nnaji more than any other person Being a PDP, you have no moral right to criticize others.

“Dr. Ben Nwoyi has been paying dues to the party since he was the vanguard chairman of the party in Enugu State, despite the reluctance of many to join the party. Nnaji When people like him were in a comfortable place, he used his personal resources to run the party.

“In addition to the branded cars, posters, banners and billboards he has installed in the state, it is also on record that he donated his private residence as an office for the Tinubu/Shettima movement organization.

“Therefore, there is no doubt that the appointment given to Mr. Nwoye is a reward for his total dedication to the growth of the party,” Dr. Otuonye further disclosed.

Mr. Otuonye commended APC Deputy National Chairman Dalori for “locating one of the most dedicated members of our party in Enugu State, Dr. Ben Nwoye, and rewarding him for his sacrifice to the party.”

He advised Nnaji to focus on his job as a minister or resign if he could not contribute anything to the success of the Tinubu administration.

“President Tinubu’s administration is rushing to bring much-needed reforms to the country.

“So now is not the time for any cabinet member to be chasing frivolous things. The president has said he will regularly review performance, but we will wait to see what the chasing shadow shows as a scorecard. ” he added.


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