Stop disparaging judiciary - AGF warns politicians

Stop belittling the Judiciary – AGF warns politicians

The Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Prince Lateef Fagbemi, has warned Nigerians and politicians against belittling the judiciary following some court trials in the recent elections.

Addressing journalists at his country home in Kwara State, Fagbemi said allegations circulating against the country’s judiciary system were cheap blackmail. He added that anyone who has concrete evidence against any judge should feel free to present it.

He said;

“You lost in court, you lost in the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, but you are insinuating foul play. I think even outside the law, morality also demands that you accept the outcome as it is.

“I’m not saying that judges can’t be wrong, because they are human beings. When anyone sees or feels that the course of justice has been perverted, he should feel free to bring it forward rather than making unfounded insinuations.

“Unless you can present concrete evidence, I will not succumb to blackmail. No one will protect an errant judge. One thing about justice is that the man who wins will praise the judgment, the person who loses will never agree that he lost fairly unless you give him the judgment.

“Don’t forget, when you make baseless insinuations, you are dragging the nation’s name through the mud.”

Fagbemi, who further urged Nigerians to give President Tinubu an opportunity to change the fortunes of the country, added that his director is not looking at the immediate benefits of his efforts, but rather the long-term benefits.

He said;

“That’s why I appeal to everyone to give him a chance. He is a man who is up to the task. It takes a while to see the full effect of his efforts.

“He was not the one who created these problems in Nigeria, but he is not complaining. President Tinubu is someone who wants to work. He is prepared to do the job.

“He’s not someone who’s just learning the job. He has done this before in Lagos State. I am not equating Lagos with Nigeria.

“Immediately after taking office, he strove to gain buy-in from investors. As a result, positive responses have accompanied his discussions with foreign investors.

“The only thing we need is to exercise a little patience. Even if you plant a tree, it will only bear fruit after a while.”


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