Governor Nwihuru presents budget estimate of 202.1 billion to Ebonyi House of Assembly.

State government to overhaul Ebonyi’s dying general hospital

Ebonyi State Governor, Francis Nwiful has vowed to overhaul all the moribund general hospitals in the 13 local government areas of the state to avert a spate of deaths in the region, especially at the hands of quacks. .

Mr. Niful announced the release of N11 and above. He disclosed that he spent 2 billion yen on purchasing equipment for the general hospital while speaking to reporters at his residence in Uhuru Ekpe community in Izzy LGA.

The governor announced the dissolution of the Alex Ekwueme Federal Teaching Hospital (FTHA) to pave the way for having its own teaching hospital in the state.

According to him, “We are developing sector by sector. We are also entering the health field in earnest. It will be a complete overhaul.

“It is inclusive in the sense that everyone in the sector and the people of Ebonyi State will be happy. The staff will be happy, the management will be happy and our hospital will do well.

“President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has agreed to split the Federal Teaching Hospital and establish its own state teaching hospital.

“The President also agreed to send 100 consultants from the Federal Government. This was after I explained how to make the health sector work and how we intend to abolish it in Ebonyi. did.

Mr Nwiful disclosed that the general hospital would be staffed with qualified consultants and doctors to strengthen health delivery services in rural areas of the state.

According to him, “We will have at least five consultants and doctors in each general hospital. We are paying about N11.2 billion to equip all the general hospitals and by doing so, There will be four specialized hospitals in each zone,” he said.


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