Southeast unrest: Shettima agrees to non-dynamic approach

Southeast unrest: Shettima agrees to non-dynamic approach

Vice President Kassim Shettima supported the use of non-kinetic methods to combat insecurity in the country's southeastern region.

This is in addition to other measures already taken by security agencies.

The remarks were made during a courtesy visit to the Presidential Villa by a group led by Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Benjamin Cal.

A delegation from the Peace In South East Project (PISE-P) visited the Vice President, presented the proposal proposing non-dynamic solutions to the problems of the South East region, and invited the Vice President to the launching ceremony of the project.

Vice President Shettima explained the benefits of adopting a non-kinetic strategy to deal with the security situation in the South-East, asserting that it would protect the region from eternal war.

“Unless we want a never-ending war of attrition, we must seek and develop non-kinetic solutions to the crisis in the Southeast. The bloodiest wars will ultimately end on the negotiating table. It will be resolved.

“How you build bridges determines how far you can go as a people and as a society. We have to reach out to young people. We have to give them strength. They must give. If we give them strength, the crisis, turmoil and anxiety will disappear.”

Kalu opened his speech by emphasizing the need for a non-kinetic strategy to address regional security concerns.


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