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Soul Makers Ministries celebrates Heart Day | Headline News

Soul Makers Ministry followers around the world will be celebrating the 2024 edition of Heart Day, which is scheduled to take place between Sunday, June 16th and Wednesday, June 19th, 2024, as traditionally determined by the lunar calendar.

In a statement signed by the spiritual leader, High Chief Owolabi Salisu, the group said the annual festival is also known as “Odun Okan” in Yoruba or “Odun Ibori”, “Odun Oli”, “Odun Oli Ile” and “Odun Alafia” depending on the names given to it in different cultures.
Sallis said it's essential that all festival devotees know what Souls is called in their own language and culture.
According to him, “The celebration of Heart Day is determined by the lunar calendar, i.e. the sighting of the moon.”
Salis also said the holiday will take place around June 16 to 19, 2024, depending on the visibility of the moon, and urged all believers to observe the date, which he said is for all living beings who have souls and hearts that are grateful to their Creator.
The statement read: “Coincidentally, these dates coincide with the Muslim festival of Ram, however, the celebration of Heart Day is different to the Muslim festival of Ram. The next festival will be in 2025, with a duration of minus 11 days.
“During the festival, we offer prayers to the Soul Creator, the almighty Lord of the Universe, to bless our hearts and other organs of the body and to give us a healthy mind. We also offer thanks to the Soul Creator, the Creator of the Universe, to give us physical and mental guidance and stability.

“This is a time to pray for the health of the heart and other organs of the body, as well as the health of the mind.
“Celebrating Heart Day is not the same as the Islamic Ram festival, even though it falls on the same day. If you are a Muslim and have money to sacrifice Ram, you should buy an extra Ram for celebrating Heart Day. If you are a Muslim and cannot afford to buy an extra Ram, you should use the Ram you can buy for celebrating Heart Day, as it is more meaningful and spiritually beneficial for you. If you are not a Muslim and can afford to buy Ram to celebrate Heart Day, then the Creator is okay with it, as Heart Day is for everyone and is not just a Muslim celebration that falls during Ram festival. Celebrate Heart Day with prayers, nice dresses and happiness.”
Sarris said celebrating Heart Day is more beneficial and rewarding for humanity as it is not idolatry.
According to him, “credible historical and theological narratives firmly establish that, according to past trends, human beings were massacred as sacrifices.”
“To this day, in some countries, human beings are massacred for crimes. It is impossible that the almighty Lord of the Universe would ask someone to sacrifice a human being for Him. This is idolatry.”

Sarris further argues that while human sacrifice was a common idolatrous practice in many cultures, child sacrifice was particularly common among the Canaanites.
“Child sacrifice was performed to please the pagan god Moloch, who is depicted in biblical sources as a Canaanite deity associated with the practice of child sacrifice. The worship of Moloch is thought to date back to the Early Bronze Age and was practiced by people in the Levant.”
The first mention of the god Molech is in the Hebrew Scriptures, where “God” supposedly commands Moses to inform the Israelites that God does not permit the worship of other gods, especially Molech. Leviticus 18:21, which condemns child sacrifice, teaches that people should not allow their children to be offered to Molech: “Now therefore, if you celebrate the Feast of the Ram, you are evidently an idolater.”
He adds: “Another evidence of child sacrifice to idols is the cult of Ara (known in Greek as A'aras), the patron deity of northern Arabia known from the inscriptions of Bosra. The name means holy place or altar, but its Arabic etymology also means 'to dye'. It is implied that many sacrifices (possibly including children) were offered to the cult image and stained with blood. He was identified with the Nabataean Dushara and was also worshipped as Dushara-Ara.”
Highlighting the demands of the festival, Salis said, “Celebrate with family and friends, have a thanksgiving feast, dress well and be happy. Offer Heart Day and Thanksgiving prayers before and during the feast. For prayers, visit Then your Creator will be pleased with you and will enrich your heart and other organs of your body and bestow upon you a good brain. Do not worship stones, trees, idols or human beings.”
“Observe now what you are worshipping. Ask yourself: Am I worshiping a stone, a tree, an idol or a human being? If so, throw it away. Stay away from the worship of stones, idols or humans. Your Creator is against it. On these days, raise your consciousness to the fact that you are thanking the Creator for your heart, the other organs of your body and your good brain, and let the world know that you are celebrating the day of the heart and not worshiping a stone, a tree, an idol or a human being. Then you will notice an improvement in your mental and physical life.”
He encouraged believers to visit the website to understand and know the prayers needed in these times.

He added that the Soul Maker is the Lord of Diversity. Its teachings are natural and are aimed at recovering the believer from the human story, he said. “The teachings are that the Soul Maker, your creator, is the owner of your soul, represented by the star, and that soul resides in your heart, which is what is seen in the Start Heart and Heart Star symbols. It teaches that when you worship something, you are submitting your soul to that object. It teaches that the only person you should worship is the creator and owner of your soul, which in this case is your original source, your creator, the Soul Maker. It teaches that if you want pure blessings, a sinner should not lead you to the Soul Maker. Imagine someone is leading you in prayer, and that person is a criminal or a sinner. It teaches that you cannot ask the Soul Maker, the Creator, for pure blessings in the name of a human being, because mortals do not have souls and cannot create souls. Humans have their own problems. Ask him directly. It teaches that one cannot bear fruit (blessings) unless one waters one's roots, and that man has three roots. The first is the Creator, the owner of your soul. The second is your parents. And the third is your ancestors. It teaches that while one should pay respect to one's roots, one can only worship the first root, the Creator of the Soul, the owner of your soul. The teachings of the Soul Creator's Ministry are natural and well-defined to guide mankind on the right path.”

He added that earthly religions are part of the diverse nature of the planet. “They all deserve recognition. They all preach membership. People fear that if they do not follow my teachings, they will go to hell. But note this: They are all designed from specific ancestral roots and cultures.”
Salis also stressed that before anyone pays tribute to something, “one must ask themselves if it is part of their roots. If it is not, it has no value to you and there is no need to pay tribute. If it is, then your soul will be harvested for the roots and culture of the ancestors who created it. I hope you all can understand that and come to a conclusion. The spiritual economy of the ancestral owner will rise and the spiritual economy of the non-owner believer will decline.”


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