Some road girls better pass virgins  - Israel DMW

Some roadside girls better pass for virgins

One Jessica Amafe, a friend of Davido’s logistics manager, Israel Afeare, dragged his ex-wife, Sheila.

Sharing a photo of herself with Israel in London, she claims that Israel had peace before marrying Sheila.

She also criticized Sheila for being a virgin before marriage, saying that some road girls are better than some ‘saints’ and that virginity is not a guarantee for a successful marriage.

Jessica continued criticizing Sheila for accepting Israel’s proposal, knowing full well that their lifestyles are polar opposites.

“Israel is my friend, he is a very realistic and loyal person. He may have his flaws, without a doubt, but he did the best he could! I know Israel and I know some things that happened,” she wrote.

“He was borderline depressed and if this is the best way for him to vent his anger and move on with his life, I’m with him. His distant lady was busy traveling up and down, the young man was dejected.

“He had peace before he got married, and the peace disappeared after he got married. Which wife tells her husband to put her up in a hotel since he is traveling for a business meeting out of state?

“How many of you men want to be the woman of the house while your wife becomes the man? Isreal doesn’t want to do business like that, blah blah, cut the crabs

“You know the nature of his work, but you accepted the PROPOSAL AND SAID YES TO HIM, suddenly you don’t like his lifestyle. Did he ever tell you he was working at an oil company?

“Don’t tell me that pressure pushed you into marriage because you’re only 21. If you’re dating someone and you don’t like their lifestyle, QUICKLY QUIT, don’t marry anyone thinking you can change them, the that you can’t change, you learn to live with it.

“There are better ways to talk to a man to make him see reasons with you, Isreal married you, not your mother and family.

“In all, avoid broke girls and avoid broke guys. Being a virgin is no guarantee of a successful marriage, some girls on Ihama road better pass by some holy saint. And we talk about ourselves and we come out and we’re a bad person! I’m allergic to poor boys, go call the police. ”


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