"Some of you are your husbands' only wives, but you rarely raise preek or money"

“Some of you are your husbands’ only wives, but you rarely raise preek or money”

A Nigerian woman, Chinwe Ogbonna, said she supports polygamy as long as men can take care of multiple wives.

Chinwe, who stated this in a Facebook post on Friday, November 24, stated that some women who are the only wives of their husbands rarely have sex with men or receive money from them.

“When people said so many things about Regina being the 5th wife or any other wife, I stood my ground and said as long as the man can take care of her, I don’t see any problem,” she wrote.

“I support polygamy, which is one of the reasons I have fewer female friends here and more active male friends.

“If you’re the tenth wife, if your man plays his role… Don’t give a damn about anyone

“Many women will do anything to be in Regina’s position

“Some of you are the only wives of your husbands, but you rarely raise money or money, so what exactly is the problem?

“If Regina isn’t raising preek, she’s raising money that we can all see with our eyes.”

Source: www.lindaikejisblog.com

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