Solutions to the negative effects of climate change will be provided - Minister

Solutions to the negative effects of climate change will be provided – Minister

Environment Minister Abbas Balarabe expressed optimism that solutions to the negative effects of climate change would be provided.

Speaking at the Great Wall Pan-African Agency’s 9th Ordinary Ministerial Conference in Abuja on Friday, the minister expressed optimism that the conference’s deliberations would provide meaningful solutions to combat the negative effects of climate change. expressed a viewpoint. And it provides the means to achieve a healthier, greener environment for communities to thrive.

He said a good environment ultimately leads to productivity and healthy lifestyles for us and future generations, adding that the 8th Council began with a tree-planting drive. He emphasized that it is still maintained and maintained. management.

The Minister of State for the Environment, Dr. Isiak Salako, also emphasized that commitment and cooperation are the country’s greatest assets at a time when faced with the many environmental challenges facing the country.

He said the Great Wall Initiative, a monumental project aimed at combating desertification, land degradation and climate change, is a beacon of hope and unity for the continent.

Salako explained that Africa is the country that contributes the least to the creation of the challenge of climate change, which disrupts societies and threatens our existence.

He said Africa holds the key to nature-based solutions to slow global warming and climate change.

Louisa Baker, head of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, pledged the organization’s support to combat desertification in the country.

She noted that UNCCD has supported the Great Green Wall since its inception and called for private sector penetration of the GGW initiative.


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