Shettima, Abbas, Sanwo-Olu, Abdulrazaq and others raid Iperu for Akesande.

Shettima, Abbas, Sanwo-Olu, Abdulrazaq and others raid Iperu for Akesande.

Yesterday, prominent Nigerians, including the Vice President, Senator Kassim Shettima, stormed Iperu for the annual Akesunde festival.

The colorful event included Governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrasaku (Kwara State), Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu (Lagos State), Governor Yahaya Bello (Kogi State), Deputy Governor of Oyo State, Bayo Lawal State The Speaker of the House of Representatives, State Representative Tajudeen Abbas, senators, and a number of members of the House of Representatives were also present. representative members.

Speaking at the event, Shettima spoke about the effectiveness of using culture to unite Nigeria’s various ethnic groups and build a unified nation.

According to the Vice President, Akesan Festival serves as one such factor that unites Nigerians and strengthens community pride and identity.

“This festival, as always, speaks to the essence of the unity we have built as a nation and represents the heartbeat of our nation,” he said.

“I commend you for investing so much time and resources to put Ipel Remo on the map and remind us of this heritage.

“You have strengthened the identity and pride of our communities, promoted their patriotism and commitment to our collective progress, and fostered the bonds that unite us as a people.

“The Meishan Festival is a testament to the potential that lies within us when we come together under the banner of our shared heritage.

“Today, let us learn from Iperremo the spirit of unity for operational decisions. Let us draw on the essence of our past to show future generations a bright future.”

The host governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun, said the cultural festival is symbolized by the legendary Akesan Barre Oja, who is known for his “heroic deeds, courage and self-sacrifice for the common good of the people of Iperu.” It continues to be a symbol.”

The governor said the people of Iperu share a cultural affinity with Ile-Ife-Oyo, Ijebu-Ode and Lagos.

“She was a woman of strong character and courage, firmly rooted in the commercial values ​​and ethos that characterized Ypels.”

“We share deep cultural and traditional affinities with Ile-Ife, Oyo and Ijebu-Ode, and we further share bonds with the people of Lagos. I hate to be reminded that it started here in Iperu and was later exported to Lagos.

“Over the years, the Meishan Festival has become world-renowned for its historical importance and its role as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage, traditions and continuous great achievements of Iperlemos, starting from its homestead, and its important contributions. We contribute to the nation’s socio-economic development and its survival.”

Prince Abiodun said his administration will continue to promote the traditions and values ​​of the state and always make Ogun an important tourist destination, adding that Iperu is the gateway linking Ogun State to other parts of the world through the Gateway Agro-Cargo Airport. He added that it has become.

“Ogun State is ideally suited as a vibrant and sustainable tourism destination. What I would like to say is that Iperu’s strategic economic position and its currently playing a pivotal role in Ogun State’s industrial revolution It is no coincidence that it is the economic and geographical crossroads between the Egbus and Ijebu rivers, and the gateway for people traveling overland between Lagos-Ibadan in the north and the Midwest and Southeast. It is now the gateway connecting Ogun State to the rest of the world by air.

“This will be made possible through the construction and completion of a truly world-class international and cargo airport with Nigeria’s longest runway, largest cargo apron and highest control tower, which will begin commercial operations within weeks. “That’s the plan,” he added.

He praised the Vice President who said he had visited Remo three times recently.

Prince Abiodun also praised the judiciary for upholding the rule of law following Friday’s victory in the Court of Appeal.

He promised his people that he would never take them for granted.

Prince Abiodun said the government will continue to identify development avenues of economic value, continue to create jobs, provide affordable healthcare and continue the ongoing energy transition until the entire state is in place. .


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