Senate Vice President Seeks Strong Diplomatic Relations with UAE

Nigeria’s Senate Vice President Jibrin Barau is seeking strong diplomatic ties with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as the Middle Eastern nation celebrates its 52nd anniversary.

Balau, who represents Kano North Senatorial District, said this at a gala hosted by the UAE Embassy in Abuja as a guest speaker.

Ismail Mudassir, Special Assistant to the Senate Vice President on Media and Public Affairs, noted in a statement on Tuesday that the UAE has made significant contributions to global economic growth.

Mr. Balau asserted that bilateral relations between the two countries are mutually beneficial.

Mr. Balau praised the UAE for “recording great achievements in becoming one of the world’s most popular destinations for business and tourism,” saying: It can attract people from all over the world for business and tourism opportunities.

“We have had very good relations with the UAE. We have a lot in common in terms of donations and we hope to continue our friendly relationship in the future for the benefit of both countries. I am.”


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