Security concerns: Niger's parliament asks state government to purchase small arms for local governments

The Niger State House of Assembly has called on the executive branch of government to direct part of the security funds for the 25 local governments to procure small arms and light weapons for local councils in the state.

This was adopted in a plenary session of the House of Representatives presided over by Speaker Abdulmalik Sarkindaji following a motion sponsored by Joseph Haruna S. D’Souza, a lawmaker representing Munya constituency.

Mr. D’Souza told his colleagues that the security components deployed in various local governments, such as vigilantes and hunters, are not functioning optimally due to the lack of weapons to match the firepower of bandits and terrorists. he said.

According to him, “Some local governments are reluctant to respond to special security issues, perhaps because they are inexperienced in security issues and have difficulty arranging logistics for vigilante groups.” I guess it’s because I haven’t.”

After deliberation, the House unanimously adopted the motion prayer.

The House also urged the administration to urgently set up military and hunter camps around Ijah Badjii, Jibi and Gedona communities in Tafa LG bordering the FCT and Kaduna State to cut off the route of banditry. asked.

Mohamed Sani Idris, who represents the Tafa constituency, in his motion pointed to the need to strengthen the council’s security arrangements to contain the threat.

Over the past few months, bandits have rioted in Parliament and injured, killed and abducted people from various communities.

“As of today, bandits have attacked different locations within Tafa LGA nine times in the past few months,” he said.


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